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Explains the benefits of adding a 'Side Pane Right' image to a webpage in Drupal and how to do so.
This document will show you how to add a "Top Image" to your web page. This document will also show you the benefits of why you would want to choose a "Top Image" to your website.
This document will show you how to add a top wide image to your website.

Adding a Button

March 09, 2017
Instructions for adding a Button to a webpage.

Adding a Countdown

March 09, 2017
How to properly add a countdown.
This document shows you how to add a light-gray div to your webpage.
How do I add an event to a campus-wide calendar in Drupal?

Adding Dropdown Content

October 23, 2017
Instructions for adding dropdown content in the Rich Text Field.
This document will show you how to attach files to a page so that they can be downloaded by users. When using this method, files will appear bulleted(•) at the bottom of the content; there is no...
This is the solution to a common problem of child menu items that are not dropping down when you hover over the parent menu link.

Creating a Video Gallery

October 23, 2017
Instructions for creating a video gallery
How do I create expandable content areas within a web page, like for frequently asked questions (FAQ)?
Instructions for creating check marks in a Yes-No table.

Registration Webform

October 23, 2017
Creating a Registration Webform with multiple sessions.

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