Graphs for wind and pressure

Graphs for temperature, humidity, and rainfall

Current Weather Station Data

Current Wind Chill: 17
Current Heat Index: 23
Peak Wind Gust: 11 at 04:08 PM
High Since Midnight: 25 at 01:22 PM
Today's Low: 13 at 04:39 AM

Dew Point: 19
This Month's Rain: 0.12
Sunrise: 07:26 AM
Sunset: 05:00 PM
Updated: 01/21/16 at 04:35:02 PM

GOES Satellite Water Vapor Image

Satellite image of water vapor

GOES Satellite Infrared Cloud Height Image

Infrared satellite image of cloud height

Dark Gray = Low; Dark Green; Yellow; Red; Green; White= High

Graph changes once per hour. Dark & gray areas are drier/cloud free. Colors indicate cloud height by temperature. Colder clouds are higher/thicker and can produce more precipitation. A black map is a satellite mis-read. Click the map for a full current image at the NOAA site.

Local Weather Forecast for Platteville, Wisconsin

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About the UW-Platteville Weather Station

The UW-Platteville Weather Station instruments are located on the roof of Boebel Hall, with a real-time display on the second floor. The station is a Texas Instruments WLS-8000 using Weather View 32 v7.0 Professional software.

All weather data on this page is updated every 5 minutes. However, all outside sources that this page links to (Satellite, Metar stations) are only updated once per hour.

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