Two-Dimensional Art Forms

UW-Platteville Art Students

drawing, life drawing, painting, printmaking, and graphic design

The two-dimensional studio art forms taught through the Art Program at UW-Platteville provide students with numerous opportunities to develop their personal aesthetic with various media and investigations of art. Two-dimensional studio coursework focuses on a traditional mastery of fundamental skills in drawing, life drawing, painting, printmaking, and graphic design. Building basic skills, knowledge, and expertise in two-dimensional forms provide students with a solid groundwork for upper level study opportunities, as well as communicating and expressing their creativity. The two-dimensional drawing and painting studios give students the space and opportunity to develop a firm grounding in the principles and elements of design and encourage personal creative exploration. Coursework in drawing provides students with opportunities to learn to convincingly portray volumetric form, render space through linear perspective, build imaginative strategies for expression, and develop a personal style. Using traditional genres such as still life and portraiture, students learn to use color intelligently, to integrate form with concept, and to become responsive to issues of representation. Students are introduced to historic and contemporary artists and issues and encouraged to explore a wide range of possibilities in their areas of interest. 

The printmaking studio contains opportunities for students to learn silkscreen, lithography, etching, and letterpress. The graphic design studio is equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology and our introductory coursework provides basic instruction in digital media with advance studies in web and print design.

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