Three-Dimensional Art Forms

UW-Platteville Art Students

ceramics, sculpture, metals, woodworking, and fiber arts

The three-dimensional studio art forms taught through the Art Program at UW-Platteville provide students with numerous opportunities to develop a personal style with various media and investigations with functional and non-functional art. Three-dimensional studio coursework focuses on traditional and contemporary mastery of fundamental skills in clay, metal, wood, plaster, concrete, plastic, fiber, and mixed media. Our coursework and labs provide an exciting experimental atmosphere that supports creative growth and artistic development where students are motivated to expand their conceptual and aesthetic thinking. By supporting students with the necessary tools, materials, and technical expertise in three-dimensional forms, they are able to develop skills as an artist and take ownership over their learning. Students are encouraged to explore historic and contemporary art issues in a variety of areas of interest. Building basic skills, knowledge, and expertise in three-dimensional art forms provides a solid groundwork for upper level study opportunities.

The ceramics studio provides students with pottery wheels, hand building tables, and large scale relief making forms. Instructional methods include teaching a wide variety of glazing techniques, firing electric kilns, and raku methods. The woodworking and metals labs contain welders, a plasma cutter, a forge, pneumatic tools and chisels for stone, concrete, and wood. A sculpture yard outside of the art building provides opportunities for students to display three-dimensional works of art.  The fiber arts studio provides skill development in weaving, basket making, wool felting, paper making, knitting and clothing design, and machine and hand stitching.

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