Graphic Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design Emphasis

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree Graphic Design Emphasis (81 credits)

Total for graduation - 125 credits
General education - 44-58 credits
Major studies - 81 credits

Core/Foundation Courses (33 credits):

ART 1010: Drawing I: Basic Drawing 
ART 1310: Drawing II: Styles 
ART 1410: Painting I: Beginning Painting 
ART 2410: Painting II: Intermediate Painting 
ART 1420: Basic Design I: 2-D 
ART 1520: Basic Design II: 3-D 
ART 2440: Survey of Art Practices 
ART 4230: Theory of Art 
ART 2500: Ceramics I or ART 2510: Sculpture I 
ART 2240: Illustration I 
ART 2330: Illustration II 

Art History Courses (12 credits):

ART 2140: Art History I: Ancient and Medieval 
ART 2210: Art History II: Renaissance to Modern 
ART 3340: 20th Century Art History: Modern to Contemporary 
ART 3740: Graphic Design V: History of Graphic Design 

Graphic Design Emphasis (30 credits):

ART 1740: Introduction to Digital Media 
MEDIA 2090: Web Development Basic 
ART 2710: Graphic Design I: Lettering and Typographic Design 
ART 2740: Graphic Design II: Introduction to Design Studio 
ART 3220: Printmaking I 
ART 3910: Graphic Design III: Advanced Typography 
ART 4030: Graphic Design IV: Advanced Graphic Design Studio 
ART 4060: Graphic Design VI: Design for New Media 
ART 4660: Cooperative Field Experience 
(Can be satisfied with Internship, Study Abroad, or similar
Work Experience as approved by course instructor)
ART 4960: BFA Thesis & Exhibition 

Art Studio/Media Studies Electives (6 credits):

ART 2500: Ceramics I   
ART 2510: Sculpture I 
ART 3320: Printmaking II 
ART 3310: Drawing III: Figure Drawing 
ART 3440: Painting III: Figure Painting 
MEDIA 1930: Basic Photography 
MEDIA 3090: Web Development Intermediate 
MEDIA 3500: Photography II 

Art Department News

Art Department News


March 30, 2017

To help fill the growing demand for graduates who can think creatively and become innovative problem solvers in the 21st century, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Department of Performing and Visual Arts will offer two additional degrees in fall 2017: Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts in art education.



ALumna Wins t-shirt design contest

February 24, 2017

Haley Hurst, a 2016 UW-Platteville graduate, was recently chosen as the Milwaukee Brewers' Fan-Shirt Friday Design Contest winner. Her design will be featured on 20,000 shirts and given away at a game this summer.


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