Bachelor of Fine Arts - ART EDUCATION EMPHASIS


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art Education

Total for graduation - 158 credits
General education - 44-58 credits
Major studies - 75 credits
Professional Education - 38-48 credits

Mission Statement

The art program at UW-Platteville is dedicated to high quality instruction in curricula emphasizing art theory, art history, and visual art creation. The curriculum is constructed to provide students with the fundamental background and specialized knowledge need for analysis, understanding, and creation of visual art. The BFA in Art Education program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is constructed to provide students with the fundamental background and specialized knowledge needed to analyze, understand, create, and teach visual arts. The faculty of the art program seek to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to be successful art educators.

Goals for Program Graduates

  1. Develop conceptual understanding of art theory and art history, which are the foundation for all areas of art study
  2. Develop competence in an area of artistic creation
  3. Demonstrate potential to effectively communicate knowledge about art and the creation of art to elementary, middle level, and secondary school students
  4. Learn how to make informed decisions about appropriate curricula for elementary, middle level, and secondary students

Core/Foundation Courses (54 credits):

ART 1010: Drawing I: Basic Drawing 
ART 1310: Drawing II: Styles 
ART 3310: Drawing III: Figure Drawing 
ART 1410: Painting I: Beginning Painting 
ART 2410: Painting II: Intermediate Painting 
ART 1420: Basic Design I: 2-D 
ART 1520: Basic Design II: 3-D 
ART 1740: Introduction to Digital Media 
ART 4230: Theory of Art 
ART 2500: Ceramics I 
ART 2510: Sculpture I: Basic 
ART 2920: Crafts I: Fiber and Fabrics 
ART 2440: Survey of Art Practices 
ART 3220: Printmaking I 
MEDIA 1930: Basic Photography 
ART 4530: Art Education I: Elementary/Middle Methods 
ART 4630: Art Education II: Middle/High School Methods 
ART 4960: BFA Thesis & Exhibition 

Art History Courses (12 credits):

ART 2140: Art History I: Ancient and Medieval 
ART 2210: Art History II: Renaissance to Modern 
ART 3340: 20TH Century Art History: Modern to Contemporary 
ART XXXX: Any Advanced Art History course 

Art Studio/Media Studies Electives (9 credits)

ART 2710: Graphic Design I: Lettering and Typographic Design 
ART 2740: Graphic Design II: Introduction to Design Studio 
ART 3910: Graphic Design III: Advanced Typography 
ART 2620: Ceramics II 
ART 3150: Advanced Throwing 
ART 3440: Painting III: Figure Painting 
ART 3510: Sculpture II: Intermediate 
ART 3320: Printmaking II 
ART 3440: Painting III: Figure Painting 
ART 3800: Ceramics III: Advanced 
ART 3940: Advanced Ceramics 
ART 3950: Advanced Sculpture (May be repeated for additional credit)
ART 4510: Sculpture III: Advanced, Materials and Techniques 
ART 4150: Public Space and Public Art 
ART 3980: Clay Figure Sculpture 
MEDIA 3500: Photography II

Art Department News

Art Department News

Art students to display best works in senior art exhibitions

April 10, 2018

The best works of four senior Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will be featured in individual, weeklong exhibitions, to be held Thursday, April 19-Friday, May 11 at various locations across campus, including the university’s Art Building, Markee Pioneer Student Center and Ottensman Hall.



Senior Art Show opens at UW-Platteville

April 12, 2018

Three senior art students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville are the featured artists in the annual Senior Show, a gallery exhibition of the finest works they created throughout their formative years in the university’s art program.



FACulty art Exhibiton

March 6, 2018

The artwork of six University of Wisconsin-Platteville art faculty and instructional staff members will be on display at the UW-Platteville Art Faculty Exhibition, or Faculty Show, Tuesday, March 6 through Saturday, April 14, in the Nohr Gallery, Ullsvik Hall.