Poster and Presentation Requirements

For the URCE Symposium, a variety of presentation formats are accepted and encouraged. If you have not already confirmed your presentation format with the URCE Office, please do so immediately at or 608.342.1983.

I. General Guidelines:

  1. All forms of presentations must be approved and reviewed by the faculty mentor. Prior to the URCE Symposium, student participants are responsible for receiving faculty approval of their work. This is to ensure that accurate information is included, presentations are error free, and the presentation is suitable for the event.
  2. Each presentation must include the Presentation Title, Student/Group member names, and the name of the faculty mentor. This can be announced or displayed at the beginning of an oral presentation or performance.
  3. Practice your presentation! What did you love about working on this project? What was difficult? Practice what you will say or answers to possible questions.

Get help! The Writing Center is available to review your work or assist in the delivery of your presentation. Call the Writing Center at 608.342.1615.

II. Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Oral or Performance Presentations are limited to 20 minute sessions. A presentation may be shorter to include time for a question and answer period. For example, a panel discussion may be held for 15 minutes, followed by Q and A for 5 minutes.
  2. For students who present their individual works of art or other creative endeavors, you may want to include text on your inspiration, the creative process, and the methods or materials used.

III. Poster Guidelines: Format for a 3’x4’ Poster

Students are responsible for printing their own posters. Students have access to large format printing across campus. 
  1. To format the poster – use Microsoft Powerpoint
    1. Click “Design”
    2. Then “Page Setup”
    3. Choose Portrait or Landscape
    4. YOU MUST change height and width as follows:
      • Portrait: height 48 inches, width 36 inches
      • Landscape: height 36 inches, width 48 inches
  2. Hints:
    1. Make sure people can read from a distance – use a large font
    2. Keep text at a minimum – attendees will ask questions if they want more information
  3. Please contact the URCE Office at or 608.342.1983 with questions or concerns. 

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