Online Journal Volume X

College of engineering, Mathmatics, and Science (EMS)

Design, Syntheses and Characterization of a Nano-particle/Polymer Hybrid Drug Delivery Vehicle

By: Ross Johnson, advisor - Dr. Soma Chattopadhyay     *PURF Recipient

The Detection of Gasoline as an Ignitable Liquid: Measuring Error Rates 

By: Sara Karp, advisor - Dr. Charles Cornett     *PURF Recipient

SODIS Enhancement Using Photocatalytic Cement

By: Erica Rapp, advisor - Dr. Yan Wu

College of Liberal arts and Education (lAE)

Perceptions of the Effectiveness of restorative Justice Programs According to the Race and Age of Offender's Type of Crime

By: Sydney Denstorff, advisor - Dr. Sean Shiverick     *PURF Recipient

Representational realist Art of the Rural Midwest

By: Robert Jinkins, advisor - Bruce Howdle     *PURF Recipient 

La vida y la muerte, juntas para siempre - Life and Death, together Forever 

By: Kayla Krager, advisor - Dr. Chris Schulenburg

La Ironía de ser Perfecta - The Irony of Being Perfect 

By: Angela O'Brien, advisor - Dr. Chris Schulenburg 

Attitudes Towards Teaching All Students

By: Brit Till, advisor - Dr. Rea Kirk     *PURF Recipient 

Youth Gangs: Causation, Theory, and Strategies

By: Joseph Weber, Advisor – Gary Apperson

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