Online Journal Volume VI

College of Business, Industry, Life Science, and Agriculture (BILSA)

The Effects of Light Intensity on Depth Perception

By: Amanda Cerqua, advisor - Dr. Jeffrey Huebschman

Investigating the Effects of Transportation in Beef Cattle on the Development of a Blood Test that will Forecast USDA Carcass Quality and Yield Grade

By: Heather Duoss, advisor - Dr. Denise McNamara

Comparison of Two Grow-Finish Feeding Programs in Swine: Treatment Containing 5% Porcine Meat and Bone Meal

By: Amber Likens, advisor - Ms. Alicia Prill-Adams

College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (EMS)

Conversion and Analysis of an Electric Vehicle

By: Nathaniel Silver, advisor - Dr. Abulkhair Masoom

College of Liberal Arts and Education (LAE)

Decision-Making Related to Need for Closure and Cognitive Load

By: Kelly Bratkowski, advisor - Dr. Joan Riedle    

A Decade of Frustration: The Impact of the Atomic Bomb in American Media and Culture during the 1950s

By: Ambrose Ingram, advisor - Dr. Melissa Gormley

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly: A Critical Review

By: Marion Trelle, advisor - Mr. Gary Apperson

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