College of Business, Industry, Life Science, and Agriculture (BILSA)

The Effects of Dietary Crude Protein on Lactating Dairy Cattle

By: Jacob Bubolz, advisor - Dr. Michael Mee

A Study of the Moss Parasite Eocronartium Muscicola

By: Alicia Knudson, advisor - Dr. Elizabeth Frieders

Production of Low Cost Spectrometer Drift Correct Standards

By: Phillip Kubichka, advisor - Dr. Kyle Metzloff

Multi-Year Profitability Analysis of the UWP Farm Using DuPont Analysis

By: Mark 'Jake' Wallace, advisor - Dr. Annie Kinwa-Muzinga

Evaluation of Compost Quality at Pioneer Farm and Suitability for End-Use

By: Steve Wilkens, advisor - Dr. Chris Baxter

College of Engineering, Mathematics, & Science (EMS)

Effectively Utilizing Signal Pathway Inter-Connectors to Combat Lethal Toxins

By: Anne Turner, advisor - Dr. Chanaka Mendis

Geometric Stiffness Accuracy

By: Dan Zielinski, advisor - Dr. Matthew Roberts

College of Liberal Arts and Education (LAE)

Is McCarthyism Dead: A Recurring and Revived Topic of American Politics

By: Becky Adamski, advisor - Dr. David Krugler

A Walk in the Park: Gendered Perceptions of Fear in Oz Park, Chicago

By: Jessica Barnes, advisor - Dr. Rich Waugh    

So, You Think You're a Ladies Man? : Effects of Pornography on Male's Knowledge of Female Sexuality

By: Amanda Brown, advisor - Dr. Theron Parsons

The Strange Ability to Know Without Knowing

By: Dana Weisman, advisor - Dr. Corinne Enright

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