2013–18 Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Robert Cramer
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (Executive Sponsor)
Kassie Popp
Student Senate
Donna Anderson
Director, International Programs (Academic Staff)
David Schuler
Associate Professor, College of LAE
Wendy Brooke
Assistant Professor, College of BILSA
Yan Shi
Assistant Professor, College of EMS
Dennis Cooley
Assistant Chancellor for Advancement
Kevin Statz
Student Senate
Dawn Drake
Director of Distance Education
Becky Troy
Classified Staff
Melissa Gormley
Associate Professor, College of LAE
Angela Udelhofen
Assistant Chancellor of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Annie Kinwa-Muzinga
Professor, College of BILSA
Joanne Wilson
Interim Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs
Mittie N. Den Herder
Timothy Zauche
Professor, College of EMS