Media Hits: Television: 2013

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Television — 2013

WMTV NBC 15 - Madison, Wis.

Cheerleaders sparkle at local university - Feb. 4, 2013
—UW-Platteville is known as an engineering school, but lately, their cheerleading squad has been getting all the attention. See story.

KCCI News 8 - Des Moines, Iowa

UW-Platteville Forensic Investigation Crime Scene House - Feb. 28, 2013
—The house is the site of crime scene after crime scene. KCCI anchor Kevin Cooney takes you inside the CSI house to show you how students learn the science of solving crimes. See story.

WISC TV 3 - Madison, Wis.

Students get hands-on training in crime scene house - May 2, 2013
—Students study crime scene investigation in a special house built for a program at UW-Platteville. See story.

KWWL 7 - Iowa, City, Iowa

UW-Platteville students recreate 1970s murder scene - Oct. 30, 2013
—The University of Wisconsin-Platteville held an annual educational exhibit called the Horrific Crime Scene Revisited Wednesday in Platteville. See story.

WKOW 27 - Madison, Wis.

Students to recreate 1970s murder scene - Oct. 30, 2013
—More than 500 people are expected to visit an exhibit detailing a gruesome crime from the 1970s, at the UW-Platteville Wednesday. See story.

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