Faculty Professional Development Series

Faculty Professional Development Series

This series of online learning modules has been developed for faculty and instructors at UW-Platteville who would like a quick introduction to a specific topic related to teaching and learning at our university. Each module is stand-alone and can be completed independently.


Are you new to UW-Platteville? Here's an opportunity to hit the ground running.

Review the learning modules in this section: Developing an Effective Syllabus, Creating Masterful Student Learning Outcomes, and Aligning Assessment with Student Learning Outcomes. Use this new knowledge to shape your syllabi for your courses. Send a copy of your syllabus to the Teaching and Technology Center for review and feedback. A TTC consultant will look over your freshly crafted syllabus and provide you with feedback for improvement or propose a meeting to further discuss their findings. Review the modules, have your syllabus reviewed and earn your first professional development certificate from the UW-Platteville Teaching and Technology Center.

1) Developing an Effective Syllabus

In this learning module, you will learn the purpose of a syllabus with specific recommendations for syllabi at UW-Platteville. Suggestions for creating an accessible and inclusive syllabus is highlighted.

2) Creating MASTERFUL Student Learning OutcomeS

Planning, writing and assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs) are keys to making sure that students learn what you want them to learn. In this module, learn what makes a good student learning outcome and master the art of writing SLOs for your courses.

3) Aligning Assessment and SLOs

With student learning outcomes identified, the next step is to be sure that you are evaluating student progress toward these outcomes. Learn about assessment techniques and alignment in this module.


Want to know more about how you can help your students?

Review the learning modules in this section: Indroduction to University Counseling Services, Referring Students to Counseling, Mental Health and Stress Management.  Upon completing these module head to the UCS module review page to answer some questions and we will send a certificate of completion to you and your department chair.

1) Introduction to university counseling services

Learn about the resources offered by UCS, the role of a counsilor, how to refer a student for services, and discover the Stomp out Stigma effort.

2) Referring Students to Counseling

In this module we go in depth about referring a student for counseling, how to spot a student in distress, how to start the converstation, and what to do after the referral.

3) Mental health and Stress Management

What is mental health? How is it seen on campus? What is the impact on faculty and staff? How can we help manage stress?


Will you be teaching a course that is completed in less than 15 weeks?

All instructors in compressed timeframe courses are required to complete professional development (a module and a worksheet) for teaching in this challenging format. This module will provide information on institutional expectations for your syllabus and assessments, identify challenges of teaching in this format and some solutions for those challenges, and point you toward additional resources to enhance your teaching and your student's learning in your class.

Effective Practices for Teaching and Learning in Compressed Timeframe Courses

Return the accompanying worksheet to the TTC for documentation of your completion of this module.

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The Teaching and Technology Center provides resources on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning. We are available to research and provide information on topics related to teaching, learning and the technologies used in the learning environment.

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