Classroom Observations

What is a classroom observation?

UW-Platteville faculty members and instructors can get supportive feedback on any aspect of their teaching and classroom environment by inviting a TTC consultant to observe their class in one or more sessions.

A classroom observation provides the opportunity for you to gain insights into your teaching strengths and areas for improvement, as well as offering an additional perspective on student engagement in your class. You decide the scope of the observation, depending on whether you want general feedback on your teaching practice, an additional perspective on implementation of a specific lesson plan, insights on student behaviors in your classroom, or any other area of interest for improving your teaching and student learning.

A classroom observation by a TTC consultant can provide insights on:

  • Implementation of a current or new pedagogical approach
  • Effective use of technology
  • Efficient use of class time
  • Student-instructor interaction
  • Student engagement in your class
  • Any aspect of your teaching that you would like to improve!

The 3-Step Process

1) Pre-Observation Conversation

Prior to the classroom observation, you will meet with the TTC consultant to describe your class and identify the goals and desired outcomes of the observation. You'll also set the date for the observation and the post-observation discussion.

2) Classroom Observation

On the day of the observation, the TTC consultant will attend your class, paying close attention to the activities you discussed in the first meeting.

3) Post-Observation Discussion

The follow-up discussion will occur within a week of the observation and provides an opportunity for you and the consultant to discuss the class session. Depending on the desired outcomes of the observation, the consultant can provide specific ideas and additional resources for improving your teaching. This also provides an opportunity for you to set specific goals and a development plan for achieving these goals.


The Teaching and Technology Center welcomes every faculty member and instructor seeking a classroom observation. Your privacy is respected, so every individual consultation is fully confidential. Everything discussed will remain private between you and the TTC consultant. If this is something that interests you, request a classroom observation here and a consultant will be in touch with you as soon as possible to set up an appointment. Any questions or comments can also be communicated by contacting us at 608.342.1798 or

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