TREES Lab faculty and staff offer expertise in dendroecology, geomorphology,  and charcoal analysis


Dendroecology is a diverse field of science that uses the annual growth rings of trees to study past events and environments. It is a retrospective science and recognizes that studying the past is fundamentally important for understanding the present and gaining insight into the future. Dendrochronological research conducted by TREES faculty and staff include studies of past climate variability, forest disturbance and development, invasive species impacts, building dates of historical structure, and the effects of human activities on forest dynamics.

Services in Dendroecology


Geomorphology  is the study of the evolution and configuration of landforms. TREES Lab faculty and staff conduct research and training activities that focus on Quaternary geology and geomorphology, particularly laboratory analysis of sediments including particle-size analysis and loss-on-ignition. 

Services in Geomorphology

Charcoal analysis

Charcoal analysis includes the extraction of macroscopic charcoal from soil sediments, anatomical analyses to identify species, and quantification of charcoal mass to study past fire activity and forest composition.

Services in Charcoal Analysis