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Last updated: 3/23/15

The City of Platteville and University of Wisconsin-Platteville are in the process of developing a city-wide fixed route bus service. On this webpage you can find the most current information about this process. We also encourage the public to send us feedback on this information prior to March 24th, 2015 (when recommendations will be presented to the City Council). See below to learn how you can send us your feedback.

OPEN HOUSE: We hosted an open house attended by about 30 people on Wednesday February 25th, 4:00 p.m. - 6 p.m. UW-Platteville MPSC Pioneer Rooms. We received great feedback! Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Project Background & Timeline

  • Due to unprecedented campus growth resulting in heightened demand for parking in Platteville, UW-Platteville conducted a transportation demand study to explore ways to reduce parking demand, one of the recommendations was to start a fixed-route bus service for students. The study results can be found here.


  • UW-Platteville hired Stratton Bus out of Cuba City, WI to provide a fixed-route bus service. This service is paid for by Student Segregated fees. Students pay $30 / year into a transportation fund. Of this, $150,000 pays for the bus.


  • In early 2014, UW-Platteville partnered with the City of Platteville and Wisconsin Department of Transportation to explore whether we are eligible for 5311 and 82.21 grant funds to expand our bus and taxi services. The study results can be found here.
  • In fall of 2014, the City submitted an application for 5311 and 82.21 grant funds to start a city fixed-route bus serviced, paid for in part by the UW-Platteville transportation segregated fee (to replace the existing UW-Platteville Bus).
  • In fall of 2014, the City also put out a Request For Proposals (RFP) for companies interested in providing this expanded bus service - Stratton Bus out of Cuba City, WI, was selected by a committee to provide the new, expanded bus service.


  • The City and University developed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to outline the responsibilities and rights of both parties in this expanded bus service. See the draft IGA here.
  • As part of that IGA, the City created a committee made of equal membership from the City and University to oversee the bus expansion project. The Committee met for the first time on February 5th, 2015. 
  • Committee makes their recommendations on routes, pricing, and PR to the City Council by April 14th,
  • City Council reviews and possibly adopts recommended routes, pricing and PR on April 28th.
  • New routes are expected to begin May 16, 2015

Committee Information 

The bus expansion will be overseen by a committee made of equal membership from the City & University (as defined in the IGA). The committee will be responsible for helping review and select the new bus routes, review and select the name and pr materials for this bus, review and select pricing and payment methods.

Committee Meeting Information

Committee Membership

UW-Platteville Representative City of Platteville Representatives
  1. Stu​dent Senate 
  2. SUFAC
  3. RHA
  4. International Programs
  5. Services for Students with Disabilities
  1. Robert Pastor (SW Health)
  2. Art Beaulieu (Platteville Public Schools)
  3. Andy Custer (citizen)
  4. Gary Engelke (Business Person)
  5. Barb Stockhausen (City Council)

Other Fixed Bus Routes in Wisconsin

Draft Bus Routes

The new bus service will replace the existing UW-Platteville shuttle bus with a city-wide service and will be managed by the city, rather than the University. UW-Platteville students will still ride for free (their fare will be covered by a segreted fee they pay each year). The new bus service seeks to:

  • Provide year-round service,
  • As much of city as possible is within ¼ mile of bus stop,
  • Provide service on weekends and summer (but this service will be reduced from the academic year),
  • Get people to places that they cannot easily get without motorized transportation (e.g. avoid places that people can easily walk),
  • Have stops located at major trip generators:
    • UW-Platteville,
    • Densely populated areas (apartments, residence halls, senior living facilities),
    • Major employers / employee recruitment firms (Quality Temps),
    • Major shopping destinations,
    • Community resources (e.g. swimming pool, schools, library, city hall, dmv, entertainment, post office)
    • Medical facilities.

To achieve the above, we plan to have the following routes:

We welcome feedback on the above routes! Please let us know if:

  1. They include or are within a 1/4 mile of all significant trip generators,
  2. Should we add any stops? If so, where and why?
  3. Should we move any stops, if so which & why?
  4. Should we re-route the driving route to the stops, if so which & why?

Fares and Payment Systems

Our committee will be working on determining bus fares and payment system in the coming weeks (prior to March 5th). Check back here for draft information as it is made available. (Please note that as part of the Intergovernmental Agreement, UW-Platteville students will continue to ride for free).

Name and Public Relations

Our committee will be working on determining the name of our new fixed route bus service and a public relations plan in the coming weeks (prior to March 5th). Check back here for draft information as it is made available.

Provide Feedback

We welcome feedback on the above information from February 9th through March 24th (when recommendations will be presented to the City Council). The sooner we receive your feedback the more likely we will be able to integrate it into our planning. 

Please share your feedback with us online here, or send it to:

Amy Seeboth-Wilson, seebotha@uwplatt.edu, 1 University Plaza, Platteville WI 53818.
Howard Crofoot, crofooth@platteville.org, 75 N Bonson St, Platteville WI 53818.




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