UW-Platteville encourages the campus community to get around by bicycle and skateboard as much as possible! Bicycling and skateboarding both provide convenient modes of transportation to travel around the UW-Platteville campus and the city of Platteville. They both cut down on traffic and parking congestion and can often be a faster mode of transportation when the time needed to park a car on each end of the journey is taken into consideration.

About Bicycling on campus

Register your Bicycle: We encourage all bike owners to register their bike with Campus Police. This will help the Police track and return your bike to you should it be stolen or lost. Register your bicycle online (and for free).

Bicycle Parking: Bicycle racks are installed near the entrance to most campus buildings. Students may also rent an outdoor bicycle locker near residence halls or an indoor parking space at Rountree Commons for $50/year or $30/semester. Students are allowed, during the winter months, to bring their bicycles into their room to store until the spring. Once the bicycle is taken back outside it must remain outside for the remainder of the year. Rent a locker for your bike here.

Bicycle Locks: When not using your bike, be sure to use a high quality lock to chain it to a designated bike rack.

Bicycle Maintenance: You can fill your bicycle tires and make basic repairs to your bike at anytime (for free) using the bicycle repair sation located on the north side of the Markee Pioneer Student Center. Here is a nice video explaining how to use the station. Karrmann Library (at the main desk) also has a hand pump available for rent.

Bicycle Right-of-Way: Bicycles are welcome anywhere (outdoors) on campus. They may not, however, go faster than 15 mph and they must yield to pedestrians. The two main east-west path's on campus have a yellow dotted median. Everyone should use this path like they would a road, keep to the right except to pass!

Bicycle Safety: We strongly encourage all bicyclists to wear a helmet, use a light at night, yield to pedestrians, and use proper hand signels. Here is a really great video explaining bicycle safety 101.

Commuting by Bike: Showers and Lockers are available in the Williams Fieldhouse. Students, staff, and anyone with a PAC membership may rent lockers on a semester or yearly basis from the Athletic Administration Office in the Pioneer Activity Center.

Travel Times: Interested in finding out how long it might take to travel from one place to another by bike or in planning a bike route? Try Google Maps Bicycle Directions feature. On the main Google Maps page, just click on “Get Directions” and select the bicycle option before entering a location. Walking directions are also available.

Missing Bike? If you think your bike was stolen, notify University Police as well as the City of Platteville Police. If your bike has gone missing while left on campus property, contact the Facilities Management by calling 608-342-1155. It is possible the bike may have been confiscated and placed in locked storage if it was illegally parked in a non-designated area or appeared abandoned.

Here are some more bicycle-related resources for you to check out:

Platteville Trail Network  - UW-Platteville Cycling Club - Platteville Community Arboretum

Complete Bicycle and Skateboard Regulations

Campus Regulations:
  • Bicycles shall not be parked within 25 feet of any university building entrance except in approved bicycle racks or lockers.
  • Bicycles shall not be parked within university buildings except in areas specifically designed for this purpose, and specifically authorized by University Police. {Admin Code 81.06(8), Bicycles}
  • Bicycles must be removed from bicycle racks and/or lockers at the end of each Spring Semester.
  • Bicyclists riding on a public street or walk shall ride in a straight line and give pedestrians the right of way at street crossings.
  • Bicyclists on campus property shall exercise extraordinary care and yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.

City of Platteville Regulations (within City limits):

  • In the City of Platteville no person shall ride a bicycle (as well as skateboards, roller skates, or in-line skates) upon any public walk in the area bounded by Water Street, Furnace Street, Chestnut Street and Pine Street, including sidewalks bordering those streets.
  • Bicycles that are ridden on public streets within the City of Platteville are required to be licensed with the City of Platteville or another jurisdiction. The University Police registers bicycles at no cost, and provides a non-expiring bicycle registration tag for students residing on campus. 


Transportation: Contact Us

Contact Us

Transportation questions can be directed to the UW-Platteville Office of Sustainability:

Tel: 608.342.7244
E-mail: or

308 Royce Hall (map)
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53018

Parking questions should be directed to Campus Police at 608.342.1584,