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The students, through segregated fees, support the Textbook Center in its entirety. Instructors and/or departments select the textbooks to be used. The Textbook Center orders books as requested by department chairs and college deans. Instructors and departments are encouraged to remember that supplementary and reference texts can be ordered through the Follett University Bookstore for purchase by students or ordered through the Karrmann Library and placed in the Reserve Collection. Instructors and departments are also encouraged to investigate custom publishing (internal and external).

Instructors are not permitted, without department chair and college dean approval, to order a textbook title through the Follett University Bookstore that is simultaneously being provided to students through the Textbook Center.

For the Textbook Center to order a new title for an established course, the title of the previously used textbook is required to be listed as a discontinued textbook. The Textbook Center does not order books for instructors. Instructors and/or their departments are responsible for obtaining instructor copies of books needed for their classes. (See section on Desk Copies.)

Book request letters and book order forms, as well as a copy of the Textbook Center's inventory list are sent to department chairs twice a year: October for Winterim/Spring semester needs and March for Summer/Fall semester needs. The chairs are requested to advise the Textbook Center of their needs (new titles to be ordered, books to continue or discontinue shelving, course number changes, discontinued courses, cancelled courses, etc.) within one month of receipt of the materials. Book requests may be sent to the Textbook Center at other times during the year as course requirements change, new faculty are hired, etc.

Upon receipt of the book orders, the Textbook Center manager checks registration records to determine the number of books needed. This is done to be sure that student monies are not tied up in books that sit on shelves, but rather invested in books to be used by students.

Workbooks, manuals, study guides, and dated material will not be ordered by the Textbook Center. These items should either be ordered through the Follett University Bookstore for purchase by students or through Karrmann Library and placed in the Reserve Collection.

Students may not be expected to pay more than $7.00 per course credit for textbooks ordered through the Follett University Bookstore for a course.

Faculty is encouraged to be aware of hidden costs in package deals (shrink-wrapped sets) offered by publisher representatives. An instructor may want the Textbook Center manager to compare the price of a package deal with the actual price of the textbook.

After three years of non-use for any individual textbook title, the Textbook Center will automatically discontinue the title and attempt to sell the copies of this title to private sector textbook vendors. Academic departments may not receive copies of discontinued textbooks without paying the same price that the private vendor has offered the Textbook Center.  For one-time course offerings, (workshops, seminars, topics courses, and honors courses), an individual textbook title will be discontinued by the Textbook Center after one year of non-use.

Prices and ISBN’s must be shown for all book requests.


Instructors are to obtain their desk copies from the publisher.


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