WI Public Agencies Weekly List

UW-Platteville departments and other Wisconsin public agencies (such as state departments, cities, villages, towns, counties, or school districts) have the opportunity to purchase items from Pioneer Restore before they are available to the general public. If your wi public agency is interested in any of the following please call 608.342.3978. Please bring proof of your Wisconsin public agency with you in order to make purchases (e.g. a WI public agency ID or checkbook attributed to your organization).

**All items are sold “as is” and are not guaranteed to work**


List posted 7-11-2017, items available for WI Public Agency purchase until 7-14-2017

Item Name, Price

Lidar Power Supply $15.00

Princeton Instruments FG-100 Pulse Generator $75.00

Timberline Model 105 Column Heater $40.00

GO Moisture Monitor Series 3 $300.00

Associated Research Model 274M Galvanometer $30.00

Visix Channel Player (1 of 2) $50.00

Visix Channel Player (2 of 2) $50.00

HNU DL-101 Analyzer and Probe $100.00

Expandable Security Gates (lot of 2) $75.00

Scintrex Uranium Analyzer $100.00

Colorado Portable Electronic Scoreboard $200.00

Lawrence Velvet Rope Stands (lot of 3) $30.00

Mettler P1210 Digital Scale $50.00

Siemens WS-AP3610 Wireless Router (lot of 30) $750.00

LDC Model 1203 UV Monitor III $30.00

Shimazdu SPD-6AV Spectrophotometric Detector $300.00

Sony DVCAM DSR-1800 Digital Videocassette Recorder $125.00

Sony DVCAM DSR-2000 Digital Videocassette Recorder $175.00

Leica Lasertechnik Gmbh Microscopy & Scientific Instruments $25.00

M-Audio Keystudio Keyboard $25.00

Yamaha PSR-172 Keyboard $25.00

Gentner Assistive Listening Equipment $100.00

Panasonic AG-1730 Multiplex Videocassette Recorder $20.00


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