Sunflower Oil Sales

Fundraise for your organization 

Student organizations are invited to sell bottles of UW-Platteville sunflower oil as a fundraiser for their organization. For every bottle you sell, your organization will make $2. For every 50 bottles you sell, your organization will receive a bonus $25.

Our sunflower oil is a healthy, locally made alternative to olive oil. Customers can use our sunflower oil in their baking, sauté or salad dressing and know that they are also supporting the many good deeds of UW-Platteville student organizations!


Student Organizations must register below in order to sell the oil. Once registered, our Sunflower Oil Sales Manager, Kassi Nadig, will contact you to set up a 30-minute training with a representative from your organization. Kassi will help your organization set goals, develop a sales pitch, and provide you with marketing materials.

We encourage organizations to sell the oil back home to friends and family so we don't flood the Platteville market. Orders can be made by mail or phone and once money is collected, organizations may pick up their oil on campus and deliver it to customers. 

Finally, we have a limited quantity of oil for sale and when we run out we will stop selling. Sales will continue until we run out!

Register Now

Who will serve as the point person for sales from your organization (you or someone else)? Please tell us his or her name, email, and phone.
By checking "yes" above, I understand that: 1) A representative from my organization must schedule a 30-minute training with the Sunflower Oil Sales Manager (Kassi Nadig) before we can sell any oil. 2) Each bottle of Sunflower Oil sells for $10. 3) My student organization will receive $2 for each bottle we sell, plus a bonus of $25 for every 50 bottles we sell. 4) We must pay UW-Platteville $8 per bottle. 5) We will only receive the bottles once we have paid for them. 6) Once my organization has taken possession of the bottles, we are solely responsible for them.

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