Recyclemania, February 5 - April 1, 2017

2017 marks the eighth year that UW-Platteville participated in this inter-college recycling competition. Each week during the competition, UW-Platteville weighs it's garbage and recycling totals and submits these numbers to Recyclemania which tracks and reports to us how we are doing compared to the 200+ participating schools.

In 2016 UW-Platteville came in 58th out of 207 participating colleges and second place out of the eight participating Wisconsin schools. Our final recycling rate was 44.4%- a 2% increase from 2015! During the eight weeks of competition we diverted: 73 tons of recycling, 4 tons of food waste, and 740 lbs of electronic waste from the landfill.

How Recyclemania works

  • RECYCLE! Be sure you recycle EVERYTHING possible. It is likely that much more than 50% of your garbage can be recycled!
  • Unsure of what to recycle or how? ¬†Check out this guide.
  • Our local waste hauler, Fahrety's, Inc., picks up all campus recycling and waste each week and weighs it for us.
  • We report these weekly weights to our Recyclemania score card which tracks our weights against the 200+ colleges that are participating.
  • At the end of the eight week competition our scores are reported for several categories (such as recycling as a percent of overall waste, pounds of recycling per capita, and waste minimization).
  • Want more information on being a Waste Warrior? Here is our Waste Warrior Training Power Point.

Recyclemania posters 

Feel free to print and hang the following posters around campus.

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