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Learn how to walk softly on the earth, make friends, and build life skills by joining this Living and Learning Community (LLC). Together, members will focus on learning about the impact that we have on the world around us, and ways that we can increase our positive impacts. Sustainability is the practice of "meeting the needs of the present while also enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

This LLC is a good fit for students majoring in environmental fields such as Biology, Environmental Engineering, Geography, Sustainable and Renewable Energies, or Reclamation, but is welcome to anyone who is interested in sustainability as a way of life. Fall of 2016 is the first year that we will be offering this LLC and we have room for ten students. The LLC will provide a support network for students as they learn to navigate the first year of their college experience.

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About our living quarters & membership

All UW-Platteville students are invited to join our LLC. Members may be from any major, but must share an interest in sustainability and communal living. Our LLC will be located in a single wing of Dobson Hall, which is co-ed. Residents will be roomed with someone within the LLC based upon preferences stated in their housing application. Residents will have access to gender-specific restroom facilities. Dobson was just renovated in 2015 and our LLC will be among the first to live in this newly updated facility!

In 2016, our first year of the LLC, we hope to have up to ten members. Members must pay a $100 membership due that will help cover LLC activities.

LLC Objectives

  • To engage students in critical thought about what it means to be “sustainable;”
  • To introduce students to concepts of low-impact living, including food choices, water and energy consumption, waste management, and transportation.
  • To envision the ways that our campus community can continue to increase our own sustainability;
  • To become ambassadors to our campus community for increasing sustainability of our daily lives;
  • To explore the ways that sustainability can translate into professional careers;
  • To have fun and develop strong, supportive relationships, both academic and social.

Member Expectations

In order to achieve the above objectives, members are expected to participate in LLC programming. In 2016-2017, we have many fun activities planned for our LLC members, in the first month of school we will go over these and other activities together and set our calendar for the year:
  • Common Course: All students in the Sustainability LLC will take a common class together, the one-credit "Introduction to College Life for Sustainability," in fall 2016. This course is structured to meet the Introduction to College Life and Introduction to Engineering requirement for most students. We are still developing the course number and will let students know that number in time for class registration. (Common Course may be waived for non-first year members).
  • Shared Meals: Eating together with a group is one of the best ways to get to know your colleagues, it also is a great way to eat healthy, home-cooked meals while away at college! LLC members will share a homemade meals (frequency of these meals will be determined by the group). Members will take turns planning, shopping, and preparing these meals in the Dobson Hall kitchen. If you have no experience cooking, don't worry, we will all work together to make sure everyone is comfortable with food preparation. Accommodating schedules and special food needs will be considered when planning and preparing these group meals.
  • Community Orientation: Members will take a bicycle or bus tour of Platteville during the first month of school. We believe there is no better way to get to know a new community than by exploring it together.
  • Group Camping Trip: Members will also be encouraged to participate in an optional camping trip during the first semester. We will travel to a nearby park for a one or two night stay over. Camping supplies and food will be provided.
  • Sustainability Seminars: We will explore sustainability through readings, documentaries, and speakers. These seminars take many different forms, but are always discussion-based and interactive.
  • Serve the Community: Members will be encouraged participate and lead many activities through the semester that will help bring sustainability to UW-Platteville and the broader community, such as:
    • Move-out day – Members can help fellow classmates responsibly dispose of unwanted household items at the end of the academic year.
    • Campus edible garden – members can help harvest produce, weed, or help with another project.
    • Work day on the Platteville Trail Network - members can help do native plantings or removal of invasive plants.
    • Litter pick up – members can organize a litter pick up day in the fall or spring.


Part of what makes an LLC so special is that students will have the opportunity to spend more one on one time with faculty and staff to receive guidance and encouragement. In 2016-2017, the Sustainability LLC will be staffed by:
  • Faculty Liaison: Dr. Tim Zauche, PhD. Dr. Zauche is currently the chair of the Sustainable and Renewable Energy program at UW-Platteville. Dr. Zauche is responsible for academic advising and programming for members of the LLC. He also will teach the common class, "Introduction to College Life for Sustainability" and participate in communal activities and events.
  • Program Coordinator: Amy Seeboth-Wilson. Amy is currently the Sustainability Coordinator for UW-Platteville. Amy will help organize activities and oversee program development. She will help engage students in the broader community and campus through activities.
  • Student Liaison: This student will be at least a second year student, likely majoring in sustainability area and will help provide support and mentorship to LLC members.


Please contact Sustainability Coordinator Amy Seeboth-Wilson, (608) 342-7244 or


Sustainability LLC Registration


Register for the 2016 Sustainability LLC!

All UW-Platteville first and second year students are invited to join our Sustainability LLC. There will be room for up to ten students in 2016 and spots are reserved first-come, first-serve. In order to register submit your housing application to Residence Life. Mark Sustainability LLC (Dobson Hall) as your housing preference on your application. If you have already registered for campus housing and would like to switch to our LLC, that is okay, just contact Tim Zauche ( by May 13th let him know.

Once you have registered for your LLC room with Residence Life, we will contact you directly to provide you with more information and tell you how to submit your $100 LLC fee (this fee helps pay for supplies and materials used in LLC activities). If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tim Zauche, Chair of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Program, or 608-342-1678.


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