Land Vision

On June 16th, a substantial portion of campus was damaged when an EF2 tornado touched down in Platteville. In response to this disaster, UW-Platteville is:

  1. Developed a plan for how we will replant and maintain our open space in the future. 
  2. Reforested the wooded areas of Memorial Park with over 3,500 native trees in May thanks to a grant from the Wisconsin DNR. The tree species were selected as representative of native plant communities in Southwestern Wisconsin and mix of both seedlings and larger diameter trees were planted.
  3. Testing ways to effectively and efficiantly manage our natural resources, including the testing of "no mow zones" in summer 2016.

Our Land Management Plan

The Land Management Plan will inform open space decisions for campus proper (362 acres, not including Pioneer Farm or the "M" Mound) with a 20 year horizon. 

Land Management Plan (Draft, 12/18/15) Plan (does not include appendix) (pdf)


A. Timeline of campus land acquisitions and significant investments (pdf)
B. Survey of land use for educational purposes, summer 2015 (pdf)
C. Natural Area Management Plan (pdf) 
D. Invasive Species Management (pdf)
E. Threatened, Endangered Species in Grant County (pdf)
F. Tree Inventory (pdf)
G. Restoration work completed during summer 2015 (pdf)
H. Summer 2015 Tree Planting (pdf)
I.  Plan Approval Minutes (12/8/15) (pdf)

Feeback about the above should be sent to Amy Seeboth-Wilson, Sustainability Coordinator, at or (608) 342-7244

No Mow Zone Feedback

Tell us what you think about the no mow zones placed around campus (summer 2016). This feedback can remain anonymous or, if your prefer, leave your contact information and we will get back to you!