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In spring 2015, UW-Platteville Sustainability Office is piloting a sustainability campaign among two campus "teams" or buildings: Wilgus and Gardner. The users of both Wilgus and Gardner can sign up to participate here (participation is voluntary). When participants sign up, they will be asked to commit to a number of sustainability behaviors of their choice and be provided with opportunities to learn more about sustainability. We will be tracking utility indicators and reporting back to participants on whether the actions of their “team” have had impacts. This program strives to make sustainability personal and impactful.

How the Green Pilot Program works:

Sign up: Sign up anytime this semester at the links below.
Commit: When you sign up you will select (from a list) which green practices you will commit to this semester.
Share: Upon signing up, your Green Team Leaders (students dedicated to helping implement the Green Program) will place a pledge card outside of your door to display your commitments.
Engage: Practice your commitments daily and participate in campus green events to learn more and engage.
Track: We will track indicators to see whether your commitments collectively have an impact on the amount of electricity, heat, waste and water used in your building. See the indicators here.
Report: We will report back to you on your impacts!
Celebrate: Join us for a ceremony on Earth Day - Wednesday April 22nd, 4:30-6:00 p.m. in Nohr Gallery, Ullsvik.

Participation in this pilot program is voluntary and we want to learn about participants experience with this program, please let us know what you think. If these pilot programs go well, we hope to invite other campus buildings to participate in fall, 2015.

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