Edible Garden

2017 Onion Harvest

During the summer months, come by to see our Edible Garden, (the "EG"), led by the Green Campus Project student organization. Approximately 30’ x 50’, the Edible Garden is located between McGregor and Royce halls and is a mix of organically grown vegetables, fruits, and flowers raised using a variety of different gardening methods.

This garden became a reality thanks to help from PACCE, SUFAC, Campus Facilities and Planning, Green Campus Project, Peter Flanary's Advanced Sculpture class, UW-Platteville student Courtney Alexander, and many others.

Can you take produce?

Please do not pick fruit and vegetables out of the "EG".  When plants are ready, the Land Stewardship Crew harvests, weighs, and places produce at the EG kiosk, located at the Garden's east end, by Royce Hall.  The produce is free for the taking. 

Look for the mini-edible gardens, planted with a variety of vegetables, located around campus for produce you can help yourself to whenever you want!

How to get involved

Green Campus Project, the sponsor for the "EG", meets every Wednesday during the academic year from 6-7 p.m. in the Boebel Hall 2017.

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