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Request an Item Pick Up

Pioneer Restore collects and redistributes campus-owned equipment and supplies. If you have campus owned item(s) that you no longer need but are of value, please submit the following form.

Where does your item go?

  • All furniture pick up requests are forwarded onto the Campus Designer for evaluation. Furniture that meets certain criteria will be kept on campus for reuse.
  • All electronic technology pick up requests are forwarded onto ITS for evaluation. Technology that meets certain criteria will be kept on campus for reuse. 
  • If an item is deemed not selleable (for security or safety reasons for example) Pioneer Restore makes sure that we send it to the proper place for end-of-life that meets stringent security, environmental, and safety standards.

All other items are picked up by Restore staff on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m.-5 p.m.. Multiple like-items (e.g. 10 chairs) may be submitted with one form. Items that are not alike must each be submitted separately. If you believe your item(s) may contain hazardous materials or be harmful to the handler, please consult this list and contact The Risk Management Office.  

Pioneer Restore Rules

  • All items must be property of the State of Wisconsin (no personal items will be accepted);
  • Only items with resale value will be accepted (please review our waste procedures if you are unsure of the best place for your item(s) to go);
  • Pioneer Restore retains the right to refuse any item;
  • Any department that sends special/universal/hazardous items to Pioneer Restore will be charged a disposal fee (view a list of special/universal/hazardous items here);
  • Items will be priced at a reasonable market value, Pioneer Restore reserves the right to determine this price;
  • Surplus property that does not sell will be disposed of in the best and most environmentally-conscious method available;
  • 75% of any sale proceeds over $500/item will be returned to the department of origin; the rest of sale proceeds are retained by Pioneer Restore to cover surplus operational costs;
  • At the end of each fiscal year, any sale proceeds generated above and beyond surplus operational costs for that year will be distributed back to departments that accounted for 5% or more of total sales at a rate relative to sales of that department during that year.

Submit your Item Here

Please describe the item here - if it is multiple like items, please tell us how many there are (e.g. 25 wooden chairs).
Please tell us where we can find the item when we come to pick it up (please be specific so it is easy for us to find!). We will pick it up on the Thursday after your submission between 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. unless you hear otherwise from us.
Use your best judgement.
E.g. is the item considered hazardous waste ( does it have any special needs, do you have suggestions for selling it?
Do you agree to the terms and conditions of the UW-Platteville Surplus Program? (

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