Apply for Sustainability Classification for Your Courses

Do you teach a course that covers an aspect of sustainability? We would love to know about it! Complete the form below and an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff from across campus will review your course against the following criteria. Once identified, these courses will be marked with a special icon in the course catalog so that students can seek them out.

What is sustainability? University of Wisconsin-Platteville uses the widely accepted United Nations Brundtland Commission definition of sustainable development (1987) as our foundation of sustainability: the ability to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” To this end, sustainability is inherently multidisciplinary and includes concepts of transformation and change, education for all and lifelong learning, systemic thinking, envisioning a better future, critical thinking and reflection, participation and partnerships for change. Sustainability is not an isolated discipline, but a lens through which we view our personal relationships, our discipline, and the world.

What are the criteria for classification? Recognizing the complex nature of sustainability, and that the concept is expressed in different ways through different disciplines and even through different courses within a discipline, in order to formally classify sustainability courses, we are asking faculty to share their existing student learning outcomes (SLO's) with us. Our committee will then review these SLO's as well as course content (by looking at the syllabus), and recommend a classification for the course. Courses that have have minimal sustainability content will be classified as "sustainability-related courses" and courses that have substantial sustainability content will be classified as "sustainability courses." The committee will use the percent of course SLO's that are related to sustainability and the topics in the course content to make the classification recommendation. We will then follow up with each applicant to share our recommended classification.

submit your course for classification

Please complete the following form by Friday September 21, 2018 for each course that you would like to have highlighted in the 2019-2020 course catalog. Once received, an interdisciplinary committee of faculty and staff will review your submission and be in contact with you. If you have any questions, please contact any of the committee members. Thank you!