Student Centers Mission and Vision word cloud

Professional Staff Personnel

Picture of Lisa Kratz
Lisa Kratz
Director of Student Center
Picture of David Nevins
David Nevins
Director of Campus Activities 
Picture of Val Wetzel
Valerie Wetzel
Assistant Director-Involvement
Picture of Kelly Jo Hadfield
Kelly Jo Hadfield 
Student Center Coordinator
Picture of Becky Hass
Becky Hass
Involvement Coordinator for Student Organizations 
Picture of Diane Lind not Available
Diane Lind
Rental Resources Coordinator
Picture of Jayne Sherer
Jayne Sherer
Office Manager
Picture of Becky Vaassen
Becky Vaassen
Contract Specialist
Photo of Omar not available
Omar Ghoghawala
Graduate Assistant - Pioneer Involvement Center
Photo of Greg Ames not available
Greg Ames
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian
Photo of Doug Custer not available
Doug Custer
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian
Photo of Jimmy Kay not available
Jimmy Kay
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian
Photo of Mike Bradley not available
Mike Bradley
Markee Pioneer Student Center Custodian

Student Staff Personnel

Design Services 
Alex W.
Kari A. 
Luke B.
Janice K. 
Cassidy L.
Information Center
Makenzie H.
Erlinn H.
Perri J. 
Annucia M.
Marissa S. 
Jake S. 
Markee Assistant Managers
Marlee B.
David K. 
Jordan S. 
Markee Managers in Training 
Michael A. 
Sierra H. 
Abigail P. 
Savannah S. 
Markee Managers
Vinny C. 
Sam C.
Ryan D. 
Jessie J. 
Finau K. 
Haley M.
Jonathon N. 
Holly R.
Student Operations Coordinators
Ryan B.
Josh W.
Audrey W.