Student Center Facility Use Policies

Standard Room Setups

To maximize use of meeting facilities several rooms have standard set-ups based upon established use. Student Center operations staff must do any rearranging of furniture or equipment. Labor charges will be assessed if the room is reset.

Audiovisual Equipment

A full range of audiovisual equipment is available through the Student Center department.

  • All organizations will be charged for audiovisual equipment use, unless otherwise noted.
  • Additional equipment can be rented from outside vendors when the Students Center' inventory is inadequate.
    • Actual rental costs will be passed on to the sponsor, plus a $10.00 processing charge.
  • Trained Event Services personnel are available, at an additional charge, to assure the success of complicated audiovisual set-ups, or for events where problems must be resolved immediately.
    • In some instances, such as (but not limited to) events outside of the Markee meeting rooms, Event Services may require AV personnel for an event.
  • In order to ensure events do not disrupt one another, the use of amplified audio equipment and musical instruments is prohibited, unless prior approval is granted by the Student Center Coordinator.


The Student Center must approve all decorations prior to the event.

  • The use of tape, thumbtacks, nails, staples, screws, or adhesives on any surface is strictly prohibited.
    • Suction cups may be used to hang items on glass surfaces.
    • When requested in advance and hooks are available, decorations may be hung from suspended ceilings.
  • The use of glitter, sequins, confetti, or similar fine, difficult to vacuum items is strictly prohibited. Additional cleaning costs will be assessed if such materials are used.
  • To comply with state and local municipal codes, all decorations must be flame retardant.
  • For safety and liability reasons, only Student Center operations staff may hang articles from any height not attainable from a six-foot stepladder.
  • All decorations must be removed completely at the end of the event.
  • For your convenience, UW-Platteville Catering Services provides decorating services at a reasonable cost.

Fire Safety

In the interest of public safety, patrons are asked to follow all fire safety regulations. This includes the following:

  • Fire code capacities for meeting rooms
  • Keeping aisles and doorways clear and unobstructed
  • Candles, incense, fog machines, pyrotechnics, "smudging," fire, or explosives are not allowed.
  • If an exception to these policies can be made, additional costs may be involved. Additional permits and fees may be required by the Platteville Fire Department to evaluate requests for these items. Allow at least two weeks for processing.


The UW-Platteville provides parking on university property and administers the enforcement of parking regulations through the Campus Police department.

  • Permits are required to park on campus.
  • Daily parking permits are available for a nominal fee at the Markee Information Center and University Box Office (in Ullsvik Hall).
  • Metered spaces require payment as posted.
  • Parking permit regulations are strictly enforced Monday-Friday during the academic year.
  • Fire lanes, loading zones, and handicap-parking regulations are enforced at all times.
  • Violating vehicles will be towed and ticketed by the Platteville Police Department.

Parking along Main Street and Hickory Street, adjacent to Ullsvik Hall, is adminstered by the City of Platteville and enforced by the Platteville Police Department.  All city ordinances must be followed.


All state buildings are smoke free areas. Smoking is only permitted outdoors on the UW-Platteville campus, at least 25 feet from any building. This non-smoking policy complies with the Wisconsin law.

Storage of Materials/Equipment

In order to maximize use of facilities for the maximum number of users, Student Center discourages on-site storage in reserved spaces. However, exceptions can be requested and must be approved by the Student Center Coordinator.

  • UW-Platteville and Student Center are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  • Storage is at the contact organization's own risk.
  • Storage is not allowed in facility space after reservation times have ended.

Storage space is limited within the Markee and our satellite facilities; therefore storage outside of reserved space is not available for patrons.

Time Limitations

In order to maximize use of facilities for the maximum number of users, rooms and spaces may be occupied only during their reserved time as indicated on the facility use confirmation.

  • Organizations who have not made previous arrangements with the Event Reservations office to exceed these limits must vacate the facilities at the reserved end time.
  • Persons remaining after the scheduled end time of the reservation may be asked to surrender the room to the building staff for preparation for the next event.


Student Center: Contact Information: Event Reservations

Contact Information

Event Reservations

1313 Markee Pioneer Student Center
Tel: 608.342.1451

Office Business Hours
Monday–Friday       7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday    Closed

Make a Reservation

  • University groups may use Web Reservations to request facility use. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one before you can submit a request.
  • Non-university groups are asked to e-mail or call us about facility use.