Student Center

Student Centers Mission and Vision word cloud

By whatever form or name, a college union is an organization offering a variety of programs, activities, services, and facilities that, when taken together, represent a well-considered plan for the community life of the college.

- The Role of the College Union, ACUI

Student Centers or Student Center: What's the Difference?

Student Centers is the department responsible for offering outstanding facilities, programs, and services to the campus community. Based in a tradition of the "College Union," in support of the Association of College Unions International, and in adherence to professional standards, Student Centers staff strive to continuously meet the needs of the ever changing campus. All facilities, programs, and services are supported by student segregated fees and self-generated revenue.

Our Mission

Student Centers serves the campus community by providing outstanding facilities, programs, and services to facilitate and foster meaningful interactions that:

  • Build an inclusive community by honoring each individual and valuing diverse cultures and perspectives.
  • Create lifelong connections to individuals and the university by cultivating enduring loyalty to the campus community.
  • Educate students by offering hands-on experiences in a variety of topics including leadership, management, social responsibility, and values.
  • Exceed patrons’ expectations by delivering exemplary customer service.

Our Vision

  • To be the center of the campus community.

Our Values

  • Education
  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Joy
  • Integrity

Our Facilities

  • The David J. and Lou Ann Markee Pioneer Student Center, which is the university's primary college union facility and serves as the gathering place for the UW-Platteville campus.
  • The Robert I. Velzy Commons, located in Ullsvik Hall, which is the university’s main multipurpose, banqueting facility.

Our Services and Programs

  • Design Services is responsible for providing graphic design services to assist with the promotion of student organizations, university departments, and campus events.
  • Event Reservations is responsible for managing the requests to use event facilities in the Markee Pioneer Student Center, and Ullsvik Hall Velzy Commons; and facilitates requests for use of event facilities at the Ullsvik Hall Nohr Gallery with the Office of Arts Facilities and Series, and additional campus facilities with Facilities Management. Event Reservations assists in providing services and support to ceremonies, major events, and university-sponsored events held throughout campus. 
  • Operations and Services is responsible for the daily operation of the Markee Pioneer Student Center and its satellite operations, including Production Services, the Information Center, Markee building support services, and the Velzy Commons in Ullsvik Hall.
    • Production Services is responsible for providing event services, including facility arrangements, audio and video equipment, lights, and staging for events taking place at the Markee, Ullsvik Hall (Velzy Commons and Nohr Gallery), and assigned university special events.
    • The Information Center is responsible for offering information pertaining to university services and events, serving as the university’s switchboard, and providing limited copy and collating services.