Info Center Posting Approvals

Posting Approvals

Posting approvals for the bulletin boards within the Markee Pioneer Student Center are handled by the Information Center staff in conjunction with the Markee managers. If you have a poster you would like displayed on the bulletin boards, we can accept up to three copies of the poster.

All posters must include the date, time, place, sponsor, and price, if applicable. Posters without the items listed above will not be approved for posting. The university ADA statement is required:

"Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations should contact <insert the sponsoring organization> at <insert organizations phone number>."

  • This statement should be placed at the bottom of posters, centered, in eight-point font. For additional information contact the Students with Disabilities Office at 608.342.1818.
  • Posters may remain posted for a maximum of two (2) weeks or until the event is scheduled, whichever comes first.
  • Posters will be initialed and dated for removal by the Information Center.
  • Markee Pioneer Student Center staff will post and monitor all items on the boards.
  • Posters advertising a series of activities must be approved by the Operations Coordinator and if approved, may only be posted through the last event publicized. 
  • The Student Centers reserves the right to request editing of inappropriate language or artistry or deny the right to post.
    • Any advertising of materials not related to the educational mission may be deemed inappropriate.
    • Ideological/political materials will be allowed as long as they are not found offensive.
    • Materials in which the sale of alcohol is a primary focus are not allowed.
  • In order to provide for our primary customers, Markee Pioneer Student Center staff may remove any non-university postings to allow room for university-sponsored postings.

Other than designated bulletin boards, nothing may be hung in the Markee Pioneer Student Center without approval from the Operations Coordinator.  Unless otherwise noted, the Markee Pioneer Student Center staff will remove all unauthorized postings.

Display Cases

If your group has made a reservation with the Event Reservation office for one of the display cases in the building, you may pick up and return the appropriate display case key at the Information Center.

Personal Announcements

Personal announcements cards pertaining to Items for Sale, Roommate Wanted, For Rent or Miscellaneous items are available at the Information Center. Fill out the appropriate card and return it to the Information Center. Cards will be posted across from the Pioneer Perk.

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