Event Planning Timeline

The goal of our timeline is to insure resources are available for use that contributes to your successful event management.

  • Event Planning Timelines are effective as of November 19, 2013.
  • Facility use, service requests, and event logistics need to be submitted following the event planning timeline. Requests not following this timeline are not guaranteed to be approved. If the request can be accommodated, late processing charges will be applied to the reservation at minimum of $25 based upon the time required to process the request.
  • Day of your Event – Staff will work to meet last minute requests within reason but we cannot guarantee availability of resources. Late charges will be applied in addition to any regular charges if able to meet requests.
  • Facility space should be reserved prior to making any additional arrangements for services.
  • 45 days before event
    • Outdoor Sound Amplification requests submitted to Student Affairs
  • 6 weeks before event
    • Student Centers’ Alcohol Service Request form submitted through PioneerLink (must be logged in to access form under Student Centers' organization)
  • 4 weeks before event
    • Catering requests (remember to request your facility spaces before requesting catering services)
  • 20 days before event
    • Outdoor Event reservation requests
    • Tech Riders received and approved by Production Services
  • 14 days before event
    • Markee Building Hours Extension requests
  • 7 days before event
    • Large venues; such as the Pioneer Crossing, Velzy Commons, Nohr Gallery, Heritage Hall and Williams Fieldhouse reservation requests
    • Markee Pioneer Student Center meeting room setup requests (utilizing a meeting room that requires a setup/strike or additional technology added outside of the standard installed equipment)
    • ALL event logistics information for large venues and special events
    • Catering cancellations (remember to cancel your room if no longer needed)
    • Catering guarantees
  • 24 hours before event
    • Contact Table/Vending facility user requests  
    • Installed A/V Equipment requests (computers, projectors, VCRs, in house sound)
    • Production Services cancellations
    • Room cancellations with setup/production needs
    • Room cancellations with standard room setup
  • Day of (pending availability)
    • Markee meeting room facility use requests (Standard setup, no Dining/Catering or Production Services, A/V equipment is not guaranteed)

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Contact Information

Event Reservations

1313 Markee Pioneer Student Center
Tel: 608.342.1451
E-mail: eventreservations@uwplatt.edu

Office Business Hours
Monday–Friday       7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday    Closed

Make a Reservation

  • University groups may use Web Reservations to request facility use. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one before you can submit a request.
  • Non-university groups are asked to e-mail or call us about facility use.