Deliver operational excellence through innovative investments and strategic use of resources.

Objective 3.1: Create a culture of sustainability. Integrate financial, environmental, and social criteria into university curricula and decision-making.  

Objective 3.2: Invest in capacity-building opportunities. Invest in our strengths to build the university’s capacity to adapt and thrive.

Objective 3.3: Invest in faculty and staff. Recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff.


This section will be updated each semester to highlight key accomplishments related to each goal. More information to come after the first semester of implementation.

Key Performance Indicators

Dashboards with metrics specific to each goal are currently under development. 

Current Status

Each year the university will identify a top priority for each goal. These priorities will change as the university evolves. The top priorities will be worked on in conjunction with other parts of the plan.

Section Name Contact FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23 FY24
3.1 Create a culture of sustainability. Integrate financial, environmental, and social criteria into university curricula and decision-making. Amy Seeboth-Wilson
Chanaka Mendis
Paul Erickson
  - - - -
3.1.a Integrate sustainability knowledge and experiential learning opportunities into curricula. Expand the integration of sustainability knowledge and skill acquisition into the curricula to better prepare students for skills needed for the future.     - - - -
3.1.b Implement sustainable practices throughout university operations. Act as responsible stewards of university and state resources by incorporating financial, environmental, and social criteria into university planning and decision-making. This will require increasing university awareness and knowledge on sustainable practices. Specific tactics may include, obtaining LEED certification for Sesquincentennial Hall and pursuing 100% renewable electric energy.     - - - -
3.2 Invest in capacity-building opportunities. Invest in our strengths to build the university's capacity to adapt and thrive. Eric Fleming
Jen Collins
  - - - -
3.2.a Invest in innovative programs and initiatives to connect with rural communities, K-12 schools, and industry. Establish collaborative opportunities and programs between the university, industries, other educational institutions and communities, in addition to other promising initiatives.   Top Priority - - - -
3.2.b Infuse targeted marketing strategies into university outreach, recruitment, and communications. Consolidate university marketing resources to create a more strategic approach to university outreach, recruitment, and communications.     - - - -
3.2.c Expand connections with corporations and other stakeholders. Develop mutually beneficial partnerships that will enhance connections between university and external stakeholders from a curricular, content, expertise, and financial point of view.     - - - -
3.3 Invest in faculty and staff. Recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff. Sarah Vosberg
Chanaka Mendis
Emily Stier
  - - - -
3.3.a Develop and implement a strategic compensation plan for faculty and staff to enhance recruitment and retention. College data on higher education employment salary and benefits and determine an annual strategic compensation plan. Implement the UW System's Title and Total Compensation Plan to modernize the workforce title, pay, and benefits program.     - - - -
3.3.b Attract and recruit candidates with a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Hire and retain employees who are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Create an atmosphere that adheres to standards of inclusion, support, and respect. Develop a strategic hiring and retention plan that will streamline, shorten and simplify the recruitment and selection process.     - - - -
3.3.c Create an inclusive and welcoming workplace environment. Increase retention of faculty, staff, and students through initiatives aimed at creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. While this strategy encompasses all members of the university, some tactics will focus specifically on the experiences of underrepresented individuals.     - - - -
3.3.d Expand professional development and educational opportunities for faculty and staff. Enhance incentives and financial support for employees to engage in professional development experiences. Tactics may include pursuing graduated tuition remission and programs that promote longevity in employment.     - - - -

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