Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines and Formats for the Faculty and Staff Poster Day

For the Faculty and Staff Poster Day, a variety of presentation formats are accepted and encouraged. If you have not already confirmed your presentation format with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, please do so immediately at or 608.342.1456.

I. Presentation Guidelines 

    Oral or slideshow presentations are limited to 20 minute sessions followed by Q and A for 5 minutes. These presentations will be conducted in the Southwest Wisconsin Room or the Prospective Student Services Conference Room. Each room is equipped with a projector and screen if needed. 

II. Poster Guidelines: Format for a 3’x4’ Poster

The ORSP Office wil provide free printing services for all poster displays. Participants must submit their completed posters electronically by Monday, September 21st, Noon to ensure each poster is completed prior to the event. All posters must be sent to the ORSP Office at

1. To format the poster – use Microsoft Powerpoint

Menu: Click “Design" > “Page Setup”

Choose Portrait or Landscape

YOU MUST change height and width as follows:

           Portrait: height 48 inches, width 36 inches

           Landscape: height 36 inches, width 48 inches

2. Under "File" > "Options" > "Advanced"

In "Advanced" options, under "Image Size and Quality":


Set default target to output to: 220 ppi

3. All posters must have the UW-Platteville Logo

Obtain the logo by contacting Publications at the University Information and Communications Office at

4. Save the Poster

"File" > "Save as" - change "Save as type" to pdf

Make sure STANDARD (publishing online and printing) is checked

5. Send pdf files to the ORSP office at


Or, Publications offers assistance in poster design and set up.