Grant Submission Timeline and Checklist

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) can provide assistance with identifying funding opportunities, understanding sponsor or grant guidelines/requirements, budget preparation, arranging subcontracts and other collaborative agreements, and navigating UW-Platteville internal process.


Activity Due Date
Initial Consultation with ORSP 6 weeks before the submission deadline
Initial Consultation with ITS
Budget Review with ORSP 4 weeks before the submission deadline
Transmittal form, Conflict of Interest (COI), draft narrative and budget routed to dean/division head for approval Due to both offices at noon, 10 days before the submission deadline
Draft narrative and budget to ORSP- can be an electronic copy
Grant submission 3 business days before the submission deadline
Final version of grant due to ORSP and college/division office 3 business days after grant submission


The following checklist is intended to be used as a guide to assist you in the grant submission process:

  1. Identify Funding
    • Identify extramural funding source
    • Obtain program announcement
    • Review program guidelines
    • Note submission deadline
    • Review forms and content specifications, selection criteria, and method of submission.
  2. Investigate Activities Requiring Approval - Mark all that apply to your project and discuss with ORSP as necessary.
    • Registration with granting agency: typically, obtaining username and password for electronic submissions
    • Release or reassigned time: approval from department chair and dean
    • Cost sharing (cash or in-kind): approval from department chair and/or dean
    • Space and Facilities: approval from chair and dean
    • Compliance Review: approval from appropriate oversight unit
      • IRB: human subjects
      • IACUC: animals welfare
      • IBC: bio-safety
      • Chemical/physical safety
      • RCR: Reserach ethics training- for NSF grants only
      • COI: Conflict of Interest- for ALL federal grants with special requirements for Public Health Service (NIH and other agencies- please see the full list) grants
      • International travel or partnerships
      • Technology needs (ITS should be consulted on any projects which will have any technology, component, equipment or access needs.) No exceptions.
        NOTE: While some sponsors may require IRB and other approvals prior to proposal submission, most accept applications with approval pending. Review the guidelines/RFP (request for proposals) carefully!
  3. Contact Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    • See timeline above for submissions deadline
    • Review program guidelines
    • Discuss and develop timeline to complete application
    • Provide administrative information and budgetary requirements
  4. Arrange collaboration with another institution and/or collaboration with other units at UW-Platteville. If you are collaborating, please discuss this with ORSP early in your planning process. The following materials may be required:
    • ​Name(s) of collaborator(s)
    • Name(s) of collaborator(s) employer(s)
    • Name and contact information of the grants officer at collaborator(s) institution (if known)
    • Letter of Commitment from each collaborator
    • Letter of Support from collaborator’s institution (if required)
    • Biographical sketch(es) of collaborator(s)
    • Scope of Work to be performed
    • Budget agreements
  5. Develop Budget (budget assistance worksheet)
    • Make sure all costs are appropriate to the program
    • Use current indirect and fringe benefit rates
    • Forward draft budget to ORSP for review
  6. Prepare External Documents (Application)
    • Work closely with ORSP to complete all necessary forms.
    • Restrictions on the number of pages, font size, margin size, and all of the required formatting/forms ARE taken seriously. If these specifications are not adhered to, the proposal can be returned without review.
  7. Prepare Internal Documents
    • All required internal documents must be prepared and submitted to ORSP before the application is submitted
    • The transmittal form must be signed by the PI, co-PIs, Department Chair, and College Office.
    • Conflict of Interest Form must be completed by all PIs and submitted with all federal grant applications
  8. Submit Application
    • See deadlines at the top of the checklist for approval and submission timeline. Provide a signed application and transmittal form to ORSP for review and final approval.
    • After the grant is submitted provide the following to ORSP and your College or Division office within 3 business days
      • For print submission, provide a hard copy of all documents to ORSP and College Office.
      • For electronic submission, provide an electronic copy of the application to ORSP and College Office via e-mail

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