Speech Co-Curricular Activities

Speech Co-Curricular Activities

To supplement coursework in the speech communication program, many students participate in the following co-curricular activity:


UW-Platteville maintains an individual events team which competes against teams from other institutions. Scholarship opportunities are available for students participating in Forensic events.

Events in Forensics:

  • Prose Interpretation: A selection or selections of prose material of literary merit, which may be drawn from more than one source.
  • Poetry: A selection or selections of poetry of literary merit, which may be drawn from more than one source.
  • Persuasive Speaking: An original speech by the student designed to inspire, reinforce, or change the beliefs, attitudes, values or actions of the audience.
  • Informative Speaking: An original, factual speech by the students on a realistic subject to fulfill the general aim to inform the audience.
  • Dramatic Duo: A cutting from a play, humorous or serious, involving the portrayal of two or more characters presented by two individuals.
  • After Dinner Speaking: An original humorous speech designed to exhibit sound speech composition, thematic coherence, direct communicative public speaking skills and good taste.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Contestants will be given three topics in the general area of current events, choose one and have 30 minutes to prepare a speech.
  • Dramatic Interpretation: A cutting that represents one or more characters from plays of literary merit.
  • Program Oral Interpretation: A program of thematically linked sections of literary merit, chosen from at least two of the three recognized genres of competitive interpretation.
  • Impromptu Speaking: An impromptu speech, serious in nature, with topic selection varied round by round, section by section. Topics will be of a proverb nature.


1 credit
Directed Studies in Forensics
Students apply effective oral communication skills by participating in the forensics program as competitive speakers, as tournament managers, and as tournament judges.
Components: Independent Study

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