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All Gendered Housing Information

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville offers an all-gendered housing option as a means to provide what we believe to be a more comfortable home environment for many of our students. All Gender housing is an option for students who are eligible to live in Southwest Hall, meaning that all applicants must be of 20 years of age and have earned a minimum of 60 credits (including transfer credits). 

Southwest Hall's All Gender option provides a space in which individuals make a home with those they feel most comfortable with. Whether students feel that they mingle best with members of the opposite gender or feel that they better fit in a comingled environment, this option serves as a space that strives to be inclusive of all students. 

All Gender housing is provided in suite-style single rooms, in which four residents share a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. For these shared living arrangements students must mutually request one another as roommates or suitemates and select a room together during the Room Selection process in the Fall semseter. Students must select the All Gender housing option in the housing application. All Gender housing will never be forced upon a student.

Important Deadlines

November 9th will be the first day for same-space reservation to occur, meaning that students returning to Southwest will be able to reserve their same room for the upcoming year. 

November 14th is the first day for new reservations in Southwest Hall. On this date, residents who wish to move into Southwest (and meet all housing requirements listed above) will be able to begin their room reservation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can participate in All Gender housing?

Southwest Hall's All Gender housing is available to any resident who is approved to live in Southwest Hall. As such, residents must have earned 60 credits (including transfer credits) and must be 20 years of age or older. 

Can I live with my significant other?

All Gender housing is not recommended for romantic couples. However, Residence Life does not require students to disclose the reason of their roommate request. 

What if I pick All Gender housing and don't like it?

As with all housing options, if you are unsatisfied with your housing arrangement, you may request a room change by contacting your Resident Director to request a new living arrangement. 

What if parents don't like their child's decision?

While the decision to live in an all-gendered housing option ultimately lies on the shoulders of the student, all residents are encouraged to continue open conversations with their families regarding their housing options. 

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