Section: Social Sciences Comprehensive


Geography Students

The social sciences comprehensive major requires 60-69 total credits and includes course work in economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, and psychology. A minor in either history or psychology is required and becomes the emphasis within the major. Students who desire a broad training in the liberal arts will find it within the social sciences comprehensive major.

Students who plan to teach in a middle school or high school will also find the social sciences comprehensive major useful. Students completing the social sciences comprehensive major meet the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) certification requirements for a teaching license in broad field social studies and in their area of emphasis (i.e. either history or psychology). This means the students will be able to teach fusion courses in the social sciences as well as courses in the area-of-emphasis discipline. With the social sciences comprehensive major or minor as their foundation, students may pursue DPI certification to teach courses in any of the above social sciences disciplines by completing a total of 15 credits in that discipline. (Note: Completion of the requirements for this major provides automatic certification for teaching either history or psychology, depending upon the declared emphasis). Students intending to use this as a secondary education major must also meet all professional requirements in the School of Education.

Full requirements for the social sciences comprehensive major can be found in theĀ University Catalog.

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