Hazardous Waste

Special and Hazardous waste includes harmful and hazardous materials and products such as:

• Acid waste
• Aerosol Cans
• Asbestos containing equipment/asbestos waste
• Compressed gas cylinders
• Contaminated Labware
• Freon containing equipment (e.g. refrigerator and freezer)
• Mercury
• Oil Paint
• Photographic fixer
• Peroxide forming chemicals
• Radioactive waste
• Sharps (needles, razor blades, scalpels, etc)
• Solvent soaked rags
• Unwanted chemicals
• Used Oil/Antifreeze
• Waste solvents

Please fill out the Hazardous Waste Pickup Sheet prior to contacting the Safety and Risk Management Office for Hazardous Waste pick up.  Pickup cannot be made without a submitted pickup sheet. If you would like the Office of Safety and Risk Management to handle the clean-up of a lab, removal and cataloging of chemicals, the following rate applies: $195 removal fee + $3/lb. removed.  We encourage you to contact the Office of Safety and Risk Management immediately to mitigate hazardous chemicals on our campus.

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