Driver Authorization


To obtain authorization to drive a university vehicle you are required to read the Statewide Fleet Policies and Procedures.

If your authorization has been revoked and your position requires travel on behalf of the University, please read: TER and Drivers Authorization.

The Driver Authorization process is now being done online through the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Enterprise Fleet Management System.

Complete your online Vehicle Use Agreement (VUA):  VUA Sign-up Portal

It will only take a few minutes to complete the online Vehicle Use Agreement. We suggest you have the following items available when you log in:

• Network ID (UW-Platteville username) and Password
• Driver’s license number
• Your supervisor’s name and email address
• UDDS code for your department (e.g. Y409000).  The UDDS code is the account code for your department or organization.  Check with your supervisor if you are unsure what that number is.  It is possible to complete the VUA without a UDDS code; however you will need to click “submit” twice when you are asked if you want to leave it blank.

Step-by-Step instructions

OUT OF STATE DRIVERS: Per University of Wisconsin System Administrative Procedure 615.A, you will need to provide and scan in a current Certified Driver Abstract from your state of issuance when you submit your online Vehicle Use Agreement.  Submittal is required annually for Staff, Faculty, and LTE’s.  It is also required for students and volunteers who are applying to be authorized drivers.

Authorized Driver Look-up:  Any UW-Employee or student can now check on their own driver authorization status or that of their students, volunteers, and employees through a Driver Summary Report.

NOTE: Departments needing volunteers to drive on University business or Employees inquiring about driving 10-12 passenger vans should contact the Drivers Authorization Coordinator in the Office of Safety and Risk Management

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