Rountree Commons

General Questions for Rountree Commons (RTC)

Can freshmen live in Rountree Commons?

Yes, Rountree Commons (RTC) is available to any UW-Platteville student that is eligible for campus housing. While most Rountree Commons residents are freshmen and sophomores, other upper-class students are eligible and like living in Rountree Commons because of the amenities available to them. New students (freshmen and transfer students) can apply to live in Rountree Commons as part of their standard housing application by indicating Rountree Commons as one of their building preferences. Returning students interested in living in Rountree Commons for the upcoming academic year can do so by selecting Rountree Commons as their living option during the annual room sign-up process. 

Is Rountree Commons on-campus? (Do campus housing policies and UW-Platteville student conduct policies apply?

Rountree Commons (RTC) operates in partnership with the University’s Office of Residence Life. You will have a Resident Assistant and Hall Director just like in other university housing options, and the same campus housing policies and UW-Platteville student conduct policies apply. The primary difference is that because it is an affiliated partnership, your housing fee is payable directly to Rountree Commons and does not appear as part of your standard University billing statement.

Does living in Rountree Commons count towards/meet the University's residency requirements?

Yes, living in Rountree Commons meets the University's residency requirements.

What is my mailing address?

Student's Name
Rm # Rountree Commons
800 S Chestnut St.
Platteville, WI 53818

Who can I contact if I have other questions about living in Rountree Commons?

For payment questions and facility information (maintenance, etc…), please contact Rountree Commons staff at 608.567.3881 or by email at rountreecommons@uwplatt.edu.

For other questions, please contact your Hall Director or the Office of Residence Life at 608.342.1845 or by email at reslife@uwplatt.edu.

Does Rountree Commons remain open during University break periods and Winterim?

Yes, residents of Rountree Commons are able to live in the building during University breaks and Winterim. Residents that plan on staying over break periods are asked to advise staff of their plans. There is no additional fee to stay for break periods that occur during the standard academic year.

Resident Portal

How do I log-in to the RTC Resident Portal?

Residents can access their portal by clicking here

The first time that you access the resident portal, you will need to register by completing the “Register Now” process. After submitting your registration you will receive an e-mail with a temporary password.  If you do not receive the e-mail, please check your spam/junk mail folder.  You will be asked to change that password after logging into the portal for the first time.

We encourage you to utilize your ‘uwplatt.edu’ email address when registering. For residents that utilize this address the registration process is automatic and you will be able to quickly access your account. If you elect to utilize an email address other than your University email address the registration process requires manual verification and will take longer to complete. 

What services are available via the resident portal?

Your resident portal includes a great deal of information about living in Rountree Commons. A few of the items that you will find include: cable line-up information, network and internet help documents, and information about services available. Residents can also utilize their portal to: view payment history, make a payment or schedule a recurring payment, review correspondence that has been sent, and submit maintenance requests. 

Who can I contact if I have questions or problems when using the resident portal?

You can contact the Rountree Commons operations staff by e-mailing rountreecommons@uwplatt.edu or by phone at 608.567.3881.


Does the RTC housing fee appear on the university bill?

No, your Rountree Commons housing charge appears separate from your University bill. When you receive your University bill, you will notice that a charge for housing does not appear, this is because your housing charge and payments are handled by a separate billing system.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Residents can pay by check, money order, credit or debit card, or by electronic bank draft (e-check or EFT).

If paying by check or money order, visit the Rountree Commons office in room 150 or mail payment to:

Rountree Commons Office
800 S. Chestnut St.
Platteville, WI 53818

If paying by credit, debit, or by electronic bank draft visit your resident portal by clicking here. Please note, there is a 2.5% convenience charge assessed by the payment processor for payments made by credit or debit card. There is no charge for payments made by electronic bank draft (e-check or EFT).

Will I receive regular billing statements?

Residents have access to account information online by accessing their resident portal. The resident portal is available to residents at any time and will allow you to see account information in real-time. As part of our on-going sustainability efforts, we do not send paper invoices. If there are questions about your online account balance, please contact Rountree Commons operations staff at 608.567.3881

If I receive financial aid, will my financial aid be applied automatically to my housing charge for Rountree Commons?

No, the university applies the funds (financial aid, scholarships or private loans) to your university bill, covering tuition, meal plan and other fees.  Any remaining amount of funds will be sent to Bank Mobile, a company the university has contracted with to process all refunds through direct deposit.  Your Bank Mobile access is located on your PASS account home page.

Can I make payments using a credit card or digital check (EFT)?

Yes, you can use your resident portal 24-hours a day to pay by credit card or digital check. Please note, there is a 2.5% convenience charge assessed by the payment processor for credit card payments. There is no charge for electronic check payments. 

If I have questions about payment or to check my balance, who can I contact?

Students can access payment information 24-hours a day via their Resident Portal; information is available about outstanding balances, past payments, and upcoming deadlines. You are also welcome to visit our offices in Rountree Commons (Room 152/154) during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM). Please note, while you are always welcome to contact us by phone (608.567.3881) or by email at rountreecommons@uwplatt.edu for basic questions, we will not share detailed account information without proper verification of identity.    

Services and Maintenance

What kind of television is needed to receive cable services and do I need to bring any cables?

Any high-definition (HD) television is compatible with cable television services in Rountree Commons. If you have a standard definition television you will need to purchase/obtain a digital signal converter box.  Students will find a standard coaxial wall jack in each bedroom and can connect their television for service utilizing a standard coaxial television cable. Televisions and coaxial cables are not provided and are the responsibility of the resident.  

Is there an additional charge for cable television services?

No, cable television service is included with your standard room fee.  A standard wall jack is available in each bedroom for students that wish to connect their television. 

What kind of network (internet) connection is available in Rountree Commons?

Rountree Commons features both wireless and wired network access. While most students utilize our robust high-capacity wireless network to access the internet, each bedroom also features a wired connection for students with devices unable to receive wireless signals. Wireless access is available to devices that support A, B, G, or N standards.  Wired access requires a standard Ethernet cable (students can utilize a standard wired network hub if they have more than one device that will connect via the wired network). Please note, while wired network hubs are permitted, personal wireless network hubs (separate from the building network) can interfere with and degrade service quality to others and accordingly are not permitted. 

I am having trouble with connecting to the building's network, who can I contact for assistance?

Phone Support:

Phone Support is available by contacting: 1.800.767.9977. The phone support help desk can be reached Monday through Friday from 8AM till 5PM.

Email Support:

Residents can email rountreehelpdesk@compunetinc.com

Work Order/Support Ticket:

Residents can submit a work order request through their resident portal. A support technician will follow-up for assistance. 

Facility and Room Information

Are cleaning supplies and toiletries provided for rooms?

No, residents are responsible for providing their own cleaning supplies and toiletries (toilet paper, etc…). A limited number of vacuum cleaners are available at the front desk that students can borrow for a short time. 

Does Rountree Commons have air-conditioning in rooms?

Yes, all of Rountree Commons has central air conditioning including student bedrooms.

Is bike storage available?

Outdoor bicycle racks are available at no cost. Students that wish to utilize our in-door bicycle storage facility are charged a fee (currently $60 per academic year and $40 per semester). The in-door bicycle storage area is accessed via your building access card and access is restricted to only residents who have a reserved space. 

Are kitchens available?

Yes, each floor has a centralized kitchen with stovetop, two ovens, and two microwaves. Additionally, each suite has a kitchenette area that includes a full-sized refrigerator and microwave. (ovens and stoves are not available in-room)

What types of common spaces are available (or is it true that there is a fitness center)?

Rountree Commons has a variety of common spaces available to residents:

  • Kitchen on each floor
  • Study rooms on each floor
  • Cardio fitness center with professional grade equipment on first floor
  • Game room on the first floor with pool table, ping-pong table, and television
  • Television lounge on first floor
  • Laundry facility located on first floor
  • Multi-purpose classroom on first floor