What Does ResNet Do

The ResNet staff is responsible for providing support to ResNet users, as well as Student Housing administrative staff and the administrative staff of departements within University Centers Areas of Support

  1. Residence Hall computer labs and printers.
  2. Resident Director, Program Director, SA and Resident Assistants of each hall.
  3. Residents in each hall with computers connected to ResNet. The support provided at this level is for basic network connectivity. ResNet provides limited assistance with software and hardware for student-owned computers.
  4. We can issue and/or reset student passwords. We highly encourage all students to use the online Password Self-service When you receive your initial password you should go to the Password Self-service area to set your challenge and response questions. This service allows you to reset your own password.
  5. Damaged data ports will be replaced by the ResNet staff. Students must call ResNet at (608) 342-1990 to report damaged ports. If the portwas damaged by the resident or residents of the room, there will be a repair cost of $15 applied to the student's University bill. If you do need a port replaced please assist the staff by making sure the area around the port is accessible.
  6. If a resoluton for the issues above cannot be reached the consultant may schedule another appointment and will document the work completed during the current appointment. Another consultant may be available to continue working on the problem.

Areas of Support that ResNet works with ITS

  1. Network issues effecting part of a building, a whole building or all residence halls. In this case after doing some basic troubleshooting, we report the issue(s) to the appropriate person(s) in ITS and work with them to resolve the issues. We do not directly work with the network equipment or or services. We can only relay the reported issues and relay back to students when an issue has been resolved.
  2. Non-University network services such as Hotmail, MSN Messaging service, etc. We do not have the ability to resolve any issues with non-University services. We will assist students with basic troubleshooting using these services, however if it is determined the problem lies with the service itself, we can only notify students when the service is working again.
  3. University services such as email, PeopleSoft, network storage access. If a student is having problems accessing these services we will do basic troubleshooting and report the issue(s) to ITS. These systems are maintained by ITS and we work with them to coordinate support issues/resolutions.

Fee Based Services Provided By ResNet Spyware/Virus Removal, Operating System Install, Hardware Install, and Data backup.

  • Most services will only be billed for the first hour.
  • Fees will be billed to the students University account. Payment's will go to the Cashier's Office.

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