Resnet History 1992-2000


1993 - Construction of data infrastructure begins in Porter Hall.
1994 - Planning of data infrastructure for remaing residence halls completed.
Informational letter distributed to students.
1995 - Project name changed from da Vinci to ResNet.
Minimum computer configurations for ResNet revised.
1996 - Morrow and Pickard Halls brought on-line.
Windows 95' memo issued by Office of Information Technology (OIT).
1,249 total participants for 1995-96 academic year­249 in-room connections and 1000 lab-only accounts.
1997 - Last of nine residence halls, Wilgus Hall, brought on-line.
Upgraded Wilgus Computer Center to enhance teaching­sound system, LCD projector, large screen, and VCR added­and renamed the centher Wilgus Learning Center.
1,533 total participants for 1996-97 academic year­458 in-room connections and 1074 lab-only accounts.
Began developing Intranet applications for Student Housing.
Search engine added to ResNet and Student Affairs Web pages
1998 - 1,600 total participants for 1997-98 academic year- 632 in-room connections and 968 lab only accounts.
Residence Hall Lab computers' memory upgraded to 32 MB
Windows NT 4.0 installed on lab computers to increase security and decrease tampering of lab computers
1999 - Process for in-room connection revised. In-room applicants must report ethernet addresses prior to data port being activated.
Minimum configurations being reviewed for Fall 1999.
Total accounts for the year - 2,090; 844 in-room and 1,246 lab only
2000 - 
Minimum configurations being reviewed for Fall 2000.
Total accounts for the year - 2,045 (1,155 in-room and 890 lab only)


1992 - Planning Begins
1993 - Planning of data infrastructure for remaining residence halls begins.
1994 - Support Team training.
Porter Hall brought on-line as pilot site--da Vinci Project.
144 da Vinci Project participants.(In-Room)
1995 - Melcher, McGregor, and Hugunin halls brought on-line.
Support model changed: one Residence Hall Computer Network Consultant (RCNC) per hall (except Porter), working from within the hall.
Support model changed mid-semester due to conflicts; adopted support-desk model.
ResNet Hotline (342-1990) established.
1996 - Brockert and Dobson Halls brought on-line.
Windows95 added to list of acceptable operating systems for student computers connected to ResNet.
Implemented CSR (Computer Information Support Relational System), a relational database used to track support activities.
1997 - All in-room computers ethernet addresses required to be registered.
Wilgus Learning Center officially opened.
Windows NT 4.0 added to suppported/allowed operating system list on Minimum Configuratin list.
Total accounts for semester - 1,474; 569 in-room, 905 lab only.
1998 - ResNet account registration moved to Wilgus Hall - Lynn Collins room
Total accounts for the semester - 2,004; 733 in-room and 1,271 lab only
1999 - ResNet client moved to web for download by residents. Removed client CDs and disks from main desks.
New Dobson Hall computer lab construction on hold.
Total accounts for the semester - 1,960 (986 in-room and 974 lab only)


1994 - Data infrastructure installed in Hugunin, McGregor, and Melcher Halls.
Da Vinci demonstrations during New Student Registration.
Construction of World-Wide-Web and Gopher.
1995 - Data infrastructure installed in Morrow and Pickard Hall.
Residence Hall Computer Labs upgraded.
Development of Student Housing and ResNet World-Wide Web presence.
1996 - Data infrastructure installed in Brockert and Dobson Hall.
Wilgus Computer Center updated with 14 new, 133 MHz-based PCs.
Further development of Student Housing and ResNet Web presence.
Preliminary work to integrate World-Wide Web with Student Housing databases.
1997 - WindowsNT 4.0 added to list of acceptable operating systems for student computers connected to ResNet.
Expanded and improved Intranet applications for Student Housing.
On-line FAQs improved with database-integrated, searchable knowledge base.
ResNet comment form now on-line.
Minimum Configuration List updated. SMC dropped from supported/allowed ethernet cards.
1998 - Hall lab computers replaced with Gateway E-4200 Pentium 333MHz computers with 64MB RAM, 17-inch monitors and zip drives.
ResNet account registration process re-designed.
Minimum Configuration List updated. Windows 3.1 dropped from supported/allowed operating systems list.
Effective for Fall 1999 the only network cards allowed for in-room connections are 3COM and Intel for PCs, Xircoms for laptops, and Asante and Apple for Macintosh computers. Farallon, Allied Telesyn, Dayna, and Olicom interface cards dropped form ethernet card list.
1999 - Wilgus Learning Center closed.
Macintosh computers removed from residence hall labs.
ResNet web page revised to include network card installation instructions.
Corner rooms prepared for triple occupancy.
Two additional wires activated in each room.
2000 - Minimum Configurations revised. 486 PCs no longer allowed on network
Windows 2000 added to supported/allowed operating system list.
Dobson Lab Completion
Hall Council Computers replaced
Programming area moved to former Wilgus Learning Center
Construction of new, larger lab for Dobson Hall initiated.
Request for air conditioning units for residence hall labs submitted.
Minimum requirements revised for 1999-2000. Memory minimum raised to 32MB, recommended 64MB.

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