Get Registered

HOW to Obtain a NetReg Account for your Computer or Personal wireless Router

All new and returning students who want to connect their computer and wireless router to the wired network in their room must complete the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser such as Internet Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.
    1. If connecting a router, plug the WAN port of your router to the DATA Jack in your room, and connect your computer to your router.
  2. Go to this page and fill out the information.
  3. Pass the Copyright quiz.
  4. Restart your computer or Router.
  5. If you continue to be redirected to the registration page please clear your internet cache and history.
  6. We do allowe personal wireless routers in the Residence Halls. Support for these devices are limited from our support offices.

How to Register Gaming System and other Devices

All networking devices must be registered with their wired connection to gain access to the network/internet. Please complete the following steps:

  1. To manually register a gaming system (Xbox, PlayStation...etc), fill out the Network Device Registration Form.
  2. If you have not registered a computer/router to your room, you will have to successfully pass the Copyright Quiz at this time.
  3. For the Registration process, you will need to provide your MAC address for your gaming system. Steps to find the MAC Address can be found here.
  4. For other devices such as TVs, bluray, AppleTv...etc please consult the owners manual to find the wired MAC or Phyiscal Hardware Address.
  5. Known Issues with Gaming Systems
    1. Xbox One and Playastation 4 - Peer2Peer game play for party chat is currently not support on our campus. This is due to limited support for IPv6 on campus and not allowing for unsolicted off campus connections to connect to on campus devices. At this time there is no solution for this.

How to register wireless devices to UWplatt WiFi

  1. Wireless devices must be able to see the UWPLATT wireless network
  2. Wireless devices must be able to connect using WPA2-Enterprise Security Protocol
    1. If your device(s) cannot connect due to lack of support for WPA2-Enterprise, your device can not be connected to the campus wireless network
  3. Please consult your owners manual on how to connect to a wireless network and enter your campus username and password


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