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Network Device Registration

Personal Wireless Routers

We do allow the use of personal wireless routers in the Residence Halls. Support for these devices are limited from our support offices. To register your router, please plug the WAN port on your router to the DATA Jack in your room. Connect your computer to your router. On your computer open up a web browser and you should be directed to Continue the registration process and reboot your router (power cycle). If after you power cycle your router you continue to get the registration page, please clear out your internet cache and history.

Rountree Residents

Airwave Networks Customer Care is available 24/7 to take your calls at 1-877-778-9283 (WAVE). You can get additional information, as well as enter trouble tickets online, through the Airwave Networks web site: ResNet or ITS can help with any computer issues that you might have, but if it is determined that it is a network issue, we will refer you to contact Airwave Networks for support.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 Owners

There is currently an issue playing Peer2Peer games on Xbox One without a dedicated server.

If you attempt to play a Peer2Peer game that does not have a dedicated server, you will get an error indicating there is no Teredo IP Address. This error occurs because IPv6 network traffic is blocked on campus.

We have discussed the issue with our Network team, and, unfortunately, due to current security risks posed by incoming connections, there are no plans to unblock IPv6 traffic at this time.  We regret this inconvenience.

If you play P2P games on a dedicated server, your game play should be fine.

Check back here and on the ResNet Facebook page for updates on this Xbox One issue as they become available.

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