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How "Fresh" is "Fresh"?

With the new semester upon us, each student has their own opportunity for a fresh start! From new classes, a potential new roommate, and new campus opportunities, this semester has the potential to be whatever you create it! If you're interested in new experiences during this Spring, check out our tips below!

  • Get To Know Your Wing - Take a few minutes to reach out to the people you live with! Strike up a conversation with someone you haven't talked to a ton or rekindle old friendships. You never know what you  may experience!
  • Get Active with ASP - Academic Support Programs (ASP) serves as a great resource for all students. No matter your GPA or study skills and experience, ASP strives to provide you with the resources you need. If you're looking to make your fresh start even more successful, you're sure to find a resource you can utilize in ASP. Find out more information about ASP here!
  • Find a new Club/Organization- With your new start, now is a great time to join a club that represents what YOU want to make of your college career. Surround yourself with people to make this experience even better!
  • Reach for the Stars - Remember that this semester can be whatever you make it become. Reach for what you want to see and put in the effort to see it come to fruition!

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