Posting Policy

Posting and Advertising Procedures

This procedure prescribes locations and formats within the residence halls for the
promotion and advertising of activities, programs, and services of interest to
UW-Platteville students, faculty, and staff. It was developed with regard for effective
and available space utilization, demonstration of support for campus-related
programs and services, and an understanding that the halls are living environments.

This procedure explains who, how, what, when, and where items may be posted and/
or advertised. It provides consistency from hall to hall, is more readily explained,
lessens fire code concerns, and addresses overuse of fliers. The following are
highlighted guidelines for the procedure. To see the entire guideline pamphlet refer
to the Department of Residence Life webpage and click on the Posting Policy link.

General Guidelines

  • All postings (signs, fliers, posters, etc.) must be authorized and stamped by the Department of Residence Life front office in Royce Hall.
  • Please review the complete policy for specific information regarding number and placement of postings for residence halls, campus organizations, departments, etc.
  • Only Department of Residence Life personnel may physically place postings (signs, fliers, and posters) in the residence halls.
  • Businesses, individuals, and non-UW-Platteville recognized groups may submit only two posting for each hall’s lobby.
  • Unauthorized postings will be removed.

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