Posting Policy

Posting and Advertising Procedures

These guidelines prescribe locations and formats within the residence halls for the promotion and advertising of activities, programs, and services of interest to UW-Platteville students, faculty, and staff.  It was developed with regard for effeective and available space utiliziation, demonstration of support for campus-related programs and services, and an understanding that the halls are living environments.

These guidelines explain who, how, what, when, and where items may be posted and/or advertised.  It rpovides consistency from hall to hall, is more readily explained, lessens fire code concerns, and addresses overuse of fliers.  

General Guidelines

  • All postings from student organizations, businesses, individuals, and non-UW-Platteville recognized groups may submit only two posting for each hall’s lobby (26). All postings must be brought to the Department of Residence Life for approval. These will then be given to residence hall staff for posting at their earliest convenience. Individuals are not allowed to post materials in the residence halls on their own.
  • Only Department of Residence Life personnel may physically place postings (signs, fliers, and posters) in the residence halls.
  • Residence Life prohibits the posting and promotion of any event or activity where alcohol will be present.
  • Residence hall communities have both the right and the responsibility to regulate the “public” side of room windows and room doors, including any offensive material displayed. This argument stems from the belief that these parts of the window and door are a community area shared by everyone who uses the sidewalk or lives within the residence hall buildings and not solely by the resident(s) of the room. You will be asked to remove materials found to fit the following criteria:
    • That which threatens or targets a particular individual or group with racist, sexist, or homophobic message.
    • That which presents any individual or group in a demeaning manner or is harassing in nature.
    • That which encourages violence within the residence hall community.
  • Unauthorized postings will be removed.

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