Policies Governing Student Life

As you enter UW-Platteville whether as a new freshman, transfer or returning student you will find that the university is a vibrant, diverse, active community. The quality of life in our community is directly related to the actions and behaviors of its members. As community members, we each have certain rights and responsibilities. This publication provides information about, as well as policies and procedures that govern, these rights and responsibilities. It is important to realize that it is the responsibility of each member of the community to understand and adhere to these standards.

One of the responsibilities of the community is provide you with information regarding your safety and security. Within this document is information on campus safety and security, crime statistics and rates, sexual assault, harassment and discriminatory conduct.

Although there are many important aspects to our community, none is more important than our commitment to valuing diversity. We strive to be a community where civility is expected and diversity is recognized and valued.

At UW-Platteville ALL students have the right to pursue their education in a non-hostile and non-threatening environment. ALL students have the right to attend UW-Platteville and experience the excellent educational opportunities, both in and outside the classroom. It is the responsibility of each individual to see that our community meets this commitment.

Finally, UW-Platteville is an educational community filled with opportunities. The staff and faculty are here to assist students as they receive an education. However, as it is with many things in life, the quality of your experience at Platteville will only equal the effort you provide. The more involved you become in your classes, with faculty and staff, in clubs and organizations, with events and speakers offered, the more you will learn. We hope that you chose to become actively involved in your education, maximizing your academic and personal achievement at UW-Platteville.

For more information regarding policies governing student life, please click here.