Pokemon Go Safety Tips

UW-Platteville Pokémon Go™ Safety Tips

1. Make sure someone knows you will be out

Let someone know where you'll be going to catch Pokémon and roughly when you'll return. "Pokémon Go™" is also played exclusively on mobile phones, so there's no excuse to neglect checking in if plans change.

2. Don't go out alone

The game has teams for a reason! The buddy system is especially important when playing "Pokémon Go™." This is always sound advice whenever you're exploring new neighborhoods — you can always use a spare phone in case yours loses power, right? — but the game also rewards those who play together. Grab some of your fellow team members and find Pokemon together! Remember, Some of the rarest creatures in "Pokémon Go™" will only appear if more than one person is roaming around a given area.

3. Stay alert late at night

Although some of the game's creatures are more common at night, there are still places in and around UW-Platteville that spawn many Pokémon as during daylight hours. Be aware that phone theft is easier when you are blinded by the wonder of Pokémon.

4. Stay in well-lit places where people congregate

If you must play at night, use common sense when hunting for Pokémon or checking into Pokéstops.

Pokémon tend to appear in places where people congregate, so the creatures shouldn't materialize in poorly lit or sparsely populated areas. The UW-Platteville Campus is a very well lit area at night, and is monitored by University Police constantly so make sure to keep yourself in these areas and remember your blue boxes!

Businesses are usually tagged as Pokéstops, so why not stay in one place and grab a meal or a drink while you play? Some establishments have taken advantage of the Pokéstops and gyms near them. Pokéstops refresh every five minutes, so it’s easy to stop somewhere and then continue playing.

5. Don't bike/skateboard/drive and play.

Come on Pioneers – this is a no brainer right? Be aware that you can seriously injure yourself or others by inattentive driving or riding.

6. Don't trespass.

The game doesn't expect players to travel into backyards in search of Pokémon. If a Pidgey, Rattata or other creature shows up on the screen, whether the map shows it in the middle of the street or in somebody's backyard, all a player needs to do in order to catch the creature is tap on it.

7. Continue to follow the rules of the road.

While driving, passengers may want you to slow down in order for more steps to be counted or stop in order to catch a certain Pokémon. This, however, puts your entire vehicle and other vehicles around you at risk. While on the road, follow the rules of the road and pay attention to driving.

8. Be careful about information you share.

If you join a team during the game, be careful not to share personal information to other team members, especially if you are not acquainted with them.

9. Be aware of what you take pictures of.

While playing the game, if you decide to take a photo of the Pokémon in real life and share it with your friends, be sure that those in the picture are okay with you taking their picture. Also, be sure there is nothing in the photo that you would not want to share with others.

10. Stay hydrated.

If going for a Pokémon hunt on a hot day, be sure to bring enough water with you so that you stay hydrated.

11. Play in safe places.

While playing the game, do not wander to unsafe places. If you are walking down the sidewalk and locate a Pokémon in the road, do not go into the road to catch it. Rather, just tap the Pokémon on your screen and play from where you are at. The Pokémon will not move. There is no need to put yourself in harm’s way to catch it.

Play safe, think safe, stay safe Pioneers!

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