Missing Student Notification Policy


Residence Life will notify authorities when a residence hall student has been deemed missing within 24 hours after determination that the student is missing.  Those notified include:

· For residents under the age of 18 the University Police and the parent/guardian

· For residents who are over the age of 18, the University Police and either the parent/guardian OR the emergency contact provided by the student.

Emergency contact information will be obtained from the information residents are required to provide to the campus (see Personal Data Form).

Any time a student believes that a resident is a threat to themselves or others; they should contact University Police immediately. If they want to report that a student is missing they can either contact the police directly or they can print a Missing Person Notifcation Form.

Students can complete this form any time they believe a resident has been missing for an unusual amount of time. Students completing this form should submit it to their Residence Hall Director or the Residence Life central staff who will then contact University Police and the Director of Residence Life.

Missing Student Notification Procedure

If a Residence Life staff member is approached by a student about a missing resident, they should talk with the student to help the student determine if they want to fill out a Missing Student Notification form. Here are some questions that may be of assistance:

· Do they believe the student is a threat to themselves or others? If so, they should contact University Police.

· Has the resident been missing for a long enough period of time? (a minimum of 24 hours)

· Have you contacted the location/place they had most recently been?

· Have you tried to contact them through various means? e.g. cell phone, text, email, Facebook, etc.?

· Have you contacted other friends or relatives who may know where they are?

Upon receiving a form from a student, the Residence Life staff member should contact University Police and the Director of Residence Life.   The University Police and the Director of Residence Life will determine if a student is “deemed missing” and follow appropriate procedures, including contacting either the parent/guardian or the emergency contact.

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